A Star Is Born

Having been known by some modest amount of people on the internet for several years, participating in forums, I have discovered that a desire has developed in me to find an outlet that I have some level of control over.  A garden in which to grow myself that is more responsive to my own selfish needs.

In the world of internet forums, one is often left to the whims of a group of moderators/administrators who may or may not be conscientious, considerate, and informed.  Ideas are lost among the clutter of meaningless responses, and I find myself having to spend large amounts of time to review my thoughts.

This blog is about me.  If you find yourself reading this, please do not hesitate to comment.  One of the major benefits of a forum is the sheer volume of input you can receive from others who may or may not have similar viewpoints with you.  While my primary purpose here is to chronicle my own intellectual journeys, it bears some importance to keep in mind the sheer pleasure of having your writings read as well as having input and feedback provided on your ideas.  I can only hope to find myself in such a fortuitous situation.

In the meantime, I am going to try to add a well thought post 1-2 times a week for now, with other bits and pieces of what I find entertaining both on the internet as well as within my own head.  While I learn how WordPress works, I will be attempting to fine tune a layout that is appealing to my own eye.  If you have a suggestion, please comment.

Here’s to auspicious beginnings!


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