So, I was perusing one of my more favorite forums the other day, and had this video presented to me:

Honestly, I was at a loss for words.  It is hilarious, as I am sure Antoine intended it to be.  However, I do not think people walk away from the video with the impression of Antoine that he would want, nor do I think that people were laughing at it in the way he intended it to be humorous.

There is something to be said for this.  My wife and I both discuss it often, as in our town the news programs tend to seek out the most unusual and poorly spoken people that they can, interview them, and then put it on TV.  Another case in point:

Note the bit at the end, and its reference to Antoine.

While this is all entertaining, what you must ask yourself is what effect will this action have?  Are we lowering expectations for ourselves, as a culture?  I compare this to the trend of other pop culture “icons” that are currently in style.

“Reality” TV is a prime example.  When you watch most of the more popular shows, what you see is a portrayal of a pseudo-fictitious life (it is only “reality” insofar as the majority of what is filmed is scripted and controlled to attract ratings via intrigue and spectacle).  For example, could The Situation and Snookie be as obnoxious as they seem to be in “real life”?  Or the Kardashian sisters, or the kids portrayed on MTV and VH1 shows, like The Real World, or Flavor of Love?  Do they all act that obnoxious in real life?

Will this type of behavior be seen as a new “normal”?  Are the dysfunctional models of family seen on TV today, in shows like “Wife Swap” going to invade the current models of family (which, itself, are pretty dysfunctional).  What kind of impact does television have on our minds and mindsets?

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future.  In the meantime I intend to avoid it as much as possible, and entice my family to do the same.


4 Responses to “Antoine”

  1. People of Earth Says:

    I know…I’m going to hell…

    • Maybe you are. But it is still funny.

      That is the problem, i guess. It is funny, it is entertaining. We enjoy seeing people act like a mess.

      You know, Paris Hilton is no dummy. She has been recorded on video talking about how it is all just an act. She plays it up. And then we reward her.

      Regardless, the guys who put that together are genius. Glad you posted it. I wanted to just because it is very artful and artistic.

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