The Immigration Affair

I just read the following article:

Where it says:

“Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents believe overwhelmingly that their department leadership has become so politicized as to compromise the effectiveness of ICE and the safety of American people. Their union has released a letter announcing its recent unanimous “vote of no confidence” in ICE agency heads, accusing them of “misleading the American public” regarding illegal immigration in order to further a pro-amnesty agenda.”

This should be concerning to all.  We have an issue here in America where there are many who have strong feelings one way or another on the immigration issue, but the majority of the most vocal seem to be pursuing an agenda.

The “trump card” of pointing out that our laws do not allow for illegal immigration, and that it puts our citizens at risk is shrugged off entirely.  In its place a strawman of racism is erected, whereby anyone not agreeing with the current status quo is labeled as a racist or xenophobe.

My wife and children are Hispanic.  It isn’t as though there are racial lines drawn as it relates to this debate.  However, the strawman is still shoved in our faces as if it somehow explained some underlying motive of the current citizenry.  As if the legal Hispanic population is so full of self loathing that they will behave in a “racist” manner to people from their own culture.  The mendacity of this astounds me, to be honest, as the logic fails on just about any front with even the most cursory examinations.

There are real issues related to our immigration debate.  One one side we get people who want solutions and are working towards them.  On the other side we get this:

Utter contempt for his constituents.

Uncle Sam is well known to enact a demeanor indistinguishable from Officer Barbrady, as the “nothing to see here” meme is spread almost daily in relation to myriad subjects.   This cannot last forever.  The People tend to be “sheepish”, but we are not stupid.  Ill informed?  Distracted?  Absolutely.  But not stupid.

If you are unfamiliar with me, one thing that you will get used to hearing is my thoughts on our elected officials.  I firmly believe that they are elected to enact the will of the people.  Political affiliation should not matter.  They are there to enact the will of their constituents.  Until we get back to this kind of system, we can expect them to politicize just about everything they do, including our border security.


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