War With Iran

Well, it seems as though the war drums beating for Iran are getting louder and louder.  A quick perusal through the MSM news outlets shows at least 3 stories about Iran on the front page.  A quick roundup of the not so MSM news:

Casto Warns Of Nuclear War With Iran

In a 12-minute prepared speech, Castro warned the world was on the brink of war if President Obama attacked Iran for not abiding by nuclear-arms sanctions.

It is strange to see Castro possibly serving as the voice of reason here.  Perhaps his advanced age has given him chance to review his life and make some changes in his mentality?   But he has been talking about this quite a bit lately, or talking in general about war.  Of course, his last statement about war predicted it would happen around the quarterfinals of the World Cup soccer matches…and it didn’t come to pass then.   So it would seem we have some level of affirmation that Castro is a poor source for the pulse of internal top hierarchal affairs in global governance.  But what else is new?

One More War Please

There is little disagreement about the facts. “No one believes,” as Philip Giraldi put it recently, “that Iran is anything but a nation that is one small step away from becoming a complete religious dictatorship, but the country has a small economy, a tiny defense budget, and, as far as the world’s intelligence services can determine, neither nuclear weapons nor a program to develop them.” Yet President Obama and his advisers, if they dare to look, can watch House Resolution 1553 gaining signatures and stealing a march on their policy. The resolution is a demagogue’s dream of bogus collective security. It declares American support, in advance, for an Israeli attack on Iran, and gives the unheard-of approval by the U.S. to a foreign power to use “all means necessary” to advance its own interests, and to follow its own definition of those interests. The resolution incidentally adopts the language of Israeli propaganda when it refers to Iran as an “immediate and existential threat.”

Will Iran become our third war of the moment? Sanctions which, Benjamin Netanyahu has said, should soon become “crippling sanctions” already have us in lockstep on that path. To be satisfied with his advice, we have only to believe the Likud theory that Iran is a “suicide nation” whose rulers would gladly send their first nuclear weapon (still some years off) to destroy Israel and kill the Arabs in Israel along with the Jews; and that they would do it in the certain knowledge of bringing annihilation upon Iran itself. For Israel, unlike Iran, is known to have a large nuclear arsenal and the ability to launch a nuclear attack. It is a projection of fantasy not of policy to suppose the United States has a duty to join or support an Israeli attack on Iran. Yet not one word has thus far been spoken by anyone around the president to counteract the fantasy.

To be honest, it is strange for me to find a voice of reason on HuffPo.  I am fairly moderate politically, but lean towards more conservative values when it comes to fiscal matters.  The larger government often proposed on the HuffPo is not something I find palatable.
Regardless, the point he makes is clear:  that we seem to be entering a national mindset where we allow our leaders to perpetrate war without our intervention.  I assert that the only hope that America has is to not allow our leaders to take us into war.  However, given the rise of favor for HR 1553 it seems that America may bypass The People altogether and conduct a war by proxy.  Lord knows that the Arab world is willing to ally with Israel in a war with Iran (even if only a little), as the “enemy of my enemy” mindset comes to bear.
Regardless, I beg all Americans:  do not allow this to happen.  Until Iran shows aggression to us, we should have nothing to say to them militarily.  The fact that the Arab nations are willing to ally with Israel, even if it is to provide an acquiescence to the use of non-material support, should tell us volumes about the reason that we will be pushed into a war.
Of course, I also have a conspiracy theorists mind.

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