For You…

For the 1 or 2 of you that actually come by here to see what it is that interests me, I have been really tied up this week with training for my “real life” job.  Gotta keep paying bills and feeding kids, and what not (as I mentioned in my “El Lay” post).  I have not died, and I have not stopped putting what it is that makes me, “ME” on the internetz (i haven’t been on my favorite forums either).

But something that is burning in my mind right now (as I spend another night in another state, away from my wife and two sons) is how nice it is to still have the ability to communicate with them.  Even though I am sitting in training, I can send and receive a text or picture message and stay in touch with those that I love.  It is an amazing time to be alive, indeed.

And then I remember how much I love her, and the boys.  It will be so sweet to be back on sacred ground when I land in the great state of Texas and can be with my family again.


3 Responses to “For You…”

  1. It is an amazing time in my life too. I remember being confounded about how a fax machine would work. 🙂 One more day, then you get to come home!!!

  2. Hey I just checked in again.. where the heck are you and what the heck are you doing?

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