The Mosque And The Nazi’s

I know that the title is a little “aggressive”.  However, please bear with me.

I found a video on that, to me, was astounding:

I highly encourage everyone to watch it.  The primary message being that as a nation we cannot allow ourselves to be divided.  We cannot allow people, especially those with power or control, to sow the seeds of division amongst our people.

Surely, since the “summer of ’69”, America has learned some valuable lessons, right?  I mean, Iraq was not a popular war, but at least we don’t see vets coming home to the treatment of our Vietnam vets, right?

Well, that may be true.  We are more docile than we were, as a nation, 50 years ago.  But is this a good thing?  That is a matter for a future debate or article.

But I can say with certainty that whatever lessons we liked to think we had learned apparently were lost on several of our people.  In the above video we see a man shouting down Jews, Catholics, Masons, Blacks, and any other minority group.  Surely, in today’s America we wouldn’t see this, right?  The Nazi propaganda couldn’t work on American intellects?

I would have thought so, until recently.  And to snap it all into focus for me:

Something for everyone who comes by here to think about.

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