Pot Makes You Gay

This is among the most ridiculous things I have ever seen.  Many of you may have seen this image on a “Demotivational” poster.  However, I cropped it out so we could focus on it in the non-humorous sense.

The most obvious issues aside, this underscores a social engineering attempt by the US government in their efforts to reduce homosexuality (even if it is a partisan effort) while marginalizing marijuana smokers.

I believe that it goes without saying that marijuana use does not lead to homosexuality.  I would also assert that the whole concept of “Gateway Drugs” are a massive fallacy.

I will not go into the debate about how we need to eliminate the “War on Drugs”, but will simply just say that what we have done is not working.  Even worse, it makes us look stupid when we have legacies such as that displayed above for future generations to judge us by.


3 Responses to “Pot Makes You Gay”

  1. For some reason, this post has gotten a LOT of traffic over the time since i have published it. Yet not a single comment (outside of spam, which is deleted). Does anyone have anything to say? What makes the search term “gay pot ad” and “pot makes you gay” get Googled so often? What is bringing you here?

    It just makes me curious…that is all. 🙂

  2. I just saw that a friend had posted it on facebook, and I was curious to find out if it is actually real, so I searched ‘pot makes you gay’.
    I take it it’s real then???

    • Ahh….that makes some sense.

      And yes, it was a real PSA. Unfortunately. Not sure how old you are, but i remember some jokes and things that were funny in the late 70’s that today would horrify the average person. A good example would be Blazing Saddles. Not a bad movie, but watching it with a modern mindset can be almost painful.

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