Do you guys remember this?  When you were kids, having these drills?  I was telling my 12 year old son the other day about this, and he laughed at me.  Not because the idea of dad scuttling under a school desk is funny (it is….I am no small man, and was no small child).  But rather because he, at the tender age of 12, is able to see how morose the concept was.

Looking back, this is just another example of a failure of our government.  No, I do not expect that they could protect each and every school child from harm in the event of a nuclear war.  But I DO expect that they would be truthful.    I know, I know….wayyyyy to much to ask.

However, it is obvious that the “plan” that we drilled on twice a year was nothing more than an admission that there really was no plan.  We just had drills.  Drills where our actions would be meaningless and would achieve the same as taking no action at all.

So, then….why?  Why have all school children conduct meaningless drills that would have no chance at all of saving even 1 life?  Is it to give the appearance of control?  But why school age children?  Why would they need to feel that there is a plan?  At the age of 12 you would barely even recognize the threat, unless you overhear mom and dad discussing the latest bleatings of Dan Rather.

If it isn’t to help subside the fear, then what other reason could there be?  The only other reason I can think of is to instill fear.   Which matches my current view of the actual role of government (versus the supposed role of government).

Ask your children what types of things they did at school.  What is their social studies teacher telling them?  What kinds of indoctrination is sneaked into their minds?  You would be surprised.  I grew up in a generation that had this silly belief that hiding under a wooden desk would save them nuclear annihilation.


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