Exclusive: Major Human Trafficker Is Huge GOP Donor Who Fought Illegal Immigration

This saddens me:

A business owner indicted for the human trafficking of 400 laborers from Thailand is a frequent donor to the Republican Party and recently waged war against other companies involved with hiring illegal immigrants.

The Associated Press reports that according to the allegations, “the recruiters lured the workers with false promises of lucrative jobs, then confiscated their passports, failed to honor their employment contracts and threatened to deport them.”

The FBI considers this the largest human-trafficking case in US history, and those indicted face maximum sentences of five to 70 years in prison, the Justice Department confirmed to AP.

The man at the helm is Mordechai Orian, 45, President and CEO of the Los Angeles-based Global Horizons Manpower Inc., a labor contracting group. Five of his affiliates and contractors were also charged in the scheme.

Read the whole article

It would likely be shocking for most to hear that this sort of thing is still going on.  While the fact that they are GOP is only mildly interesting in this case, the fact is there are multiple rumors of various ex-officials for the US having some strange perversions (Kissinger and Reagan, to name two that are prominent).

When you go to vote, remember the kind of people you are being asked to vote for.  You don’t have to keep accepting the lesser of two evils.  You wouldn’t accept that at a restaurant.  Why accept it when the future of your country is at stake.

No, I am not going to tell you who to vote for.  That is for you to decide.  What I WILL tell you is that if you are voting for someone related to a political party, you likely are just propagating the screwing that our nation is receiving.


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