Burning Books = Bombing Bases

Friday morning I was watching the Today Show (it is the morning thing in my house).

During the show, Meredith Vieira conducted an interview with the Koran Burning Minister Terry Jones.  Of course, his plans to burn Korans is silly, and will not cause any benefit to humanity, America, or himself.  But that is so obvious that I will not address it further in this post.

The only place I have found this video so far is on Hulu:

The Pastor was far more lucid than I would have expected, given all that I have read about him.  Of course, what I have read about him is a media slant, meant to give us a specific, pre-loaded impression of the man.

But Meredith was uncharacteristically terse.  She asked him, point blank, if he felt responsible for injuries/lives lost in an attack that was carried out in retaliation for his Koran burning.  His answer, to me, snapped the whole debate into focus.  He said something along the lines of, “No.  I do not take the blame for an act that someone claims is in retaliation for something that I haven’t even done yet.”

How true.  He had not carried through any plans to do anything, yet we are seeing reports that the Muslim world is already retaliating?  Am I the only one who thinks that something smells rotten here?  Of course, there is a mainstream view that the Muslim people are just that easily riled up…but if that is true I might point that the American’s are the exact same (given the fact that we see a Koran burning planned all because a mosque is going to be built not as close to ground zero as another mosque that is already there).

But, even more insidious is the possibility that the attack was not carried out in retaliation, but that the media/US Gov put this slant on the story (for whatever reason they do these things…I have never worked for the CIA and can not ascribe motives to their behaviors).

Even more insidious than that is if the attack was a CIA op meant to further foment hatred between the west and the Muslim world.

I don’t know.  I would be able to believe just about anything at this point.  Regardless, the full on assault that Vieira uncharacteristically gave to the Pastor was one of the most disgraceful interviews I have seen since the last time I could stomach watching either Hannity or Olbermann.


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