Polar Bears For Cars

I was watching my beloved Sooners play Florida State yesterday, and this commercial spot came on:

Now, I love my planet.  I am a big fan of clean air, water, and food.  However, what this commercial proposes is, at best, dishonest.

The entire “Global Warming” debate has been turned upside down.  The consensus seems to be, “Well, we know that it is warmer, and we know that man has contributed, but the original data was so screwed up we will never be able to quantify it.”  I would think that is a fairly good assessment.

In the Gulf, there are stories of massively excessive levels of Corexit.  When the wind blows from the south, concentrations of noxious fumes goes from bad to “Oh My God, the apocalypse is upon us.”  There is mercury and pharmaceutical cocktails in my fish and water, methane gas in municipal water supplies.  In my own town, we had notices sent out for 6 straight months in the last year that our water supply did not meet TCEQ standards.  A town 30 miles away has had Erin Brokovich doing due diligence for a lawsuit because of, I believe, Chromium in the water.

All of this gets ignored.  People don’t pay attention to it, because media isn’t fear mongering on it.  While it is a true emergency, there isn’t money to be made off of finding ways to make businesses pay to clean up their messes.  The money that they want comes from the pockets of the dwindling middle class, and that is why we see the push for things like “carbon credits”…a new tax to break the backs of America’s middle class.

No, I will not be buying a Nissan.  I don’t like company’s trying to manipulate my guilt in order to push sales on a product that carries a premium price just because they want to further cash in my guilt.

If this is a real crisis, I would expect to see less money going into the pockets of Wall Street (who posted record bonuses, again, this year) and more money going into a “Manhattan Project” type effort to get America freed from the chains of oil.


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