Zoey Doesn’t Deserve To Be In The Pyramid

I am certainly no fan of Dr. Zahi Hawass.    This video adds a whole new dimension to why I dislike him:

It is a video clip that originally aired on The History Channel.  It appears to be totally staged.  So, the question you have to ask yourself is why?  Why put him degrading a “weak woman” on television?

I am offended by this video.  Thank God we live in a country where people are free to offend you.  It makes it easier to spot the wolves among the sheep.


2 Responses to “Zoey Doesn’t Deserve To Be In The Pyramid”

  1. I watched just a small portion of one of these programs and decided that I did not care for Dr. Zahi Hawass. This clip just confirms that my feelings about him were spot on. He projects intolerance and feelings of superiority and shows a great lack of compassion.

  2. i was reminded of this video because he is on History Channel right now. I think it is the same show, actually, that is on right this minute. The wife is watching it…I am trying not to scream in frustration. 😀

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