My 12 Year Old For President

My 12 year old son should be president.  Of course, you would need to have his mother as VP so that she can tell him when he is making a bad decision.  But we could work those details out “on the fly”.  We certainly could do no worse than the previous 40 years.

I have told this first story on a couple of forums, but it is relevant to his “qualifications”.  We were discussing the recent wars of America while I washed the dishes.  He asked me, “So, dad….the first Iraq war, that was Clinton?”  I told him, “No, Clinton was Bosnia.  Bush, Sr did the first Gulf War.”

He had another question cocked and loaded, ready to fire…but he stopped.  He asked me, “Wait, you mean to tell me that we are always at war?  Then why do we say we are a peaceful nation?”  I stopped doing dishes long enough to hug him.  “By God,” I thought to myself, “that is one smart kid.”

Of course, even a blind squirrel can find a nut on occasion.  I was impressed with the insight, but chalked it up to him parroting a concept he had heard from me (he is like a sponge, so I have to be careful).

But then tonight, we were watching “Black Hawk Down”.  Outstanding movie, if a little gruesome in some spots.  Towards the end a UN convoy rolls in to do basically nothing other than leave a dozen soldiers running through the streets without any cover.  As the UN soldiers rolled in he asked, “Dad, why is the UN there?”  I explained that the primary mission in Somalia was to try to improve peace and stability.

His response, once again, stopped me dead.  “Well, if they are ‘UN Peacekeepers’, then why do they have guns?  What kind of peace are they promoting?”

I do not care what this world ever says, I am proud of him.  THAT’S my son.


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