The Living Moon

I want to take a moment to point out a new link I have added to “The Eyes Of Texas”.  To be honest, I cannot believe I didn’t add them to the top  on day 1.  But this oversight was more a reflection of my mindset at that moment, and less about the value of this site.  And by “value”, I mean ‘phenomenal”.

The Living Moon

And don’t miss the Pegasus Research files, representing much of the Research Teams links and papers.

Ron Schmidt (Zorgon, on several forums, if you are a “Google Fu” kind of person) is the site owner of The Living Moon, and represents one of the finest in “tin hat” research I have ever had the grace to know.   He is a very detailed researcher with a good amount of hard to find information on a wide range of subjects, ,spanning from the highly speculative moon anomalies, to the surprisingly highly evidenced pieces on actually mining the moon for minerals for the past several decades. Of course, he backs the mining up with photographs, but also has dozens of patents and memorandums about plans to develop lunar mining operations.  Even more, there are some documents that actually discuss it in the context of it being a current reality.

Ron’s forte is digging through  patents, parsing references to dig out secrets that are hidden in plain site.  There are some truly staggering implications to much of his research, some of which crosses directly into my own.  In the upcoming days I will be publishing some of my own research involving “Stealth” cloaking technology (as in what they put on Stealth planes), the use of nanomaterials to achieve this cloaking, and a large volume of Ron’s research that not only parallels my own findings, but also seems to be corroborated by some very interesting individuals.

Of course, if you follow the link above, and peruse the site, you will notice that I have a page there as well.  It represents a portion of my own research (not well updated, due mostly to my own neglect of not sending in information to the Pegasus team) into the world of anti-gravity research at NASA during the early 2000’s, and the missing Dr. Ning Li (another upcoming article on this blog).  Of course, there is other information, some of it representing Ron’s research where is parallels my own.

As well, if you peruse the site you will notice a cast of characters which he hosts.  He has fairly broad contacts in the defense and “tin hat” world.  He even scooped the story on the Lunar Orbiter tapes that were found in an abandoned McDonalds, with the only player for them left on Earth being found in a chicken coop.

I encourage you to take a perusal through The Living Moon.  Ron doesn’t profit from “hits”, and this is not a plug.  There are no ads on his site, and he pays out of pocket for his hosting.  His goal is to take his passion for “Top Secret” research and share it with anyone willing to take a moment and listen.  He publishes no books, makes no sales, and works a fairly tough job to pay his bills.  In short, this make no money for him, and he actually spends money to share his information.

Even if you are not into “tin hat” subjects, or find some of the photographic evidence a little too speculative, the solid, proven science in his .pdf library (located here) showing what is being conducted by the US Military (and its contractors) is well documented and eye opening.

On a final note, although the above site is not representative of current information held by Ron or the group, that will soon change as “real life” has let up for him and he is able to start putting up the updates.  If you want a more complete and current viewpoint, you may try either looking for “Zorgon” on the “Open Mind Forum” link on this page, or returning here as I will be publishing a couple of pieces related to his research.


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