Mr. Mask’s Adventures In Conspiracy, Pt II

ATS has really gotten behind “Mr. Mask”, and has provided him with some technical support so that he can deliver his comic in an innovative format:  HD Video:

Mr. Mask’s Adventures In Conspiracy, Pt II

I am a big fan of the artist, as I have had the chance to visit with him online.  Very intelligent man with a highly irreverent sense of humor and a biting, sarcastic wit.  Right up my alley.

If you would rather see a more traditional format, as I posted on the first installment you might check back in a day or two.  Due to the technical issues in preparing/presenting the second installment, it took them awhile.  So they pushed this one into production as fast as they could.  It will be a day or so before the static, comic book image format will be out (and I will post it when it arrives).

I hope you enjoy.  Like he says, it is trying to use a little “tin hat” deprecating humor to get the conspiracy angle through for the average person to understand.  Yes, we have some “lunatics” out there spouting some crazy theories.  But that is not what Mr. Mask is about.  And it is a refreshing change to see someone normal (or, well…mostly normal) represent the “tin hat” community.


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