Dieting And Exercise Aren’t Effective Fat Loss Tools

A member of AboveTopSecret, DevolutionEvolvd wrote the linked article.  I found it interesting and well thought.  Enjoy.

Just a quick a analogical preface of sorts….

You’re a truck driver delivering goods in a vehicle that has 2 gas tanks. Your round trip is typically a total of 400 miles and filling up both tanks gets you there and back with a gallon to spare, at which point the gas light comes on. After years and years of long hauls, an enormous problem surfaces. Over the last few trips the gas light has come on 100 miles from your destination.

Upon inspection, you discover each tank to be ¼ full. It then becomes clear to you that the there is a sensor problem. When the 1st tank uses ¾ of its fuel, a malfunction in the sensor causes it to switch prematurely to the 2nd tank. Once the second tank burns 3/4 of its fuel, the malfunctioning sensor then indicates to you that you are extremely low in fuel (1 gallon) and need to fill up.

You go to the mechanic and he says, “Duh! You’re putting too much fuel in ‘er. Start filling up with less fuel and take your truck out for long drives a couple times a week. That ought to fix ‘er up.”

Say WHAT???

Now…imagine this.

You’ve consistently consumed 2800 calories a day for the past 5 years of your adult life maintaining a slim physique and days chock-full of energy(excluding hungover Saturday mornings). Until….one summer you start relying on morning coffee and that afternoon energy drink just to make it through the work day, and when you get home you’re completely ravenous. And even though your friends tell you that you seem to have gained a few pounds, you deny it. After all, you haven’t changed your diet….This changes when you see pictures of yourself shirtless at that 4th of july party.

It becomes clear that you’re storing energy, in the form of fat, instead of burning it, which is weird because you also know that you’ve been eating the same amount of food for the past 5 years. Why would you suddenly, within the past few months, begin to put on so much weight. Something is inhibiting the release of fat from the fat cells.

You visit your doctor and, disregarding the paradox, he says what the vast majority of dietitians, nutritionists and doctors say .. “Son, you need to start watching what you eat. Eat less fat and eat less food in general. Also, join a gym and start playing basketball a couple days a week, or maybe yoga if you’re a girly guy. You see, if you eat less and exercise more, the fat will fall right off!”

Say WHAT?????

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6 Responses to “Dieting And Exercise Aren’t Effective Fat Loss Tools”

  1. Interesting post. Have you tried Pepsi Max before? It has zero calories and yet it’s loaded with 67mg caffeine per 12 fluid ounce can, plus it tastes great like the real thing, a miracle with aspartame (don’t label me as just another spammer on this one, I’m actually just being honest here, I’ve recently bought the 2 liter bottles since they’re on sale and didn’t get to bed until about 3am last night, I normally crash about 12:30 or so, of course I don’t normally like to drink caffeine or sugar since processed sugars and fats are hard for humans to digest and because caffeine does bad for my stomach, well normally at least).

    • Me? I could care less about my body weight. I am not so fat that I would be considered unattractive. And even if i were, after 16 years of marriage to the Goddess that I call my wife, there is no one else for me in this world anyway.

      My blood pressure is within limits, cholesterol below 200…the only health ailments I have deals with the abuse that football can bring to a young body (and the pain it can leave you with down the road).

      I tire of seeing people making money off of others desires to look a certain way. Like women. Why does everyone prefer a skinny woman? Is it truly personal taste, or cultural bias? I prefer a physique more aligned with the ancient fertility goddess. I adore the rubenesque. And I cherish the rare soul who finds happiness in their own stretchmark covered skin.

      Fat, gay, Mexican, Muslim….all these things denote “what” we are. But they are not “who” we are. And it is “who” we are that really matters.

      • Yeah, I do it mostly because I take a statistical approach to life. If something statistically causes problems for people then I tend to avoid it and thereby increasing my maximum potential in life. Statistically there are a lot more people who are healthy and wealthy that live unimpeded lives than there are people who are unhealthy and unwealthy, so I strive for achieving those things, lol.

  2. I don’t know when this thin trend started, but other cultures like a women to have some meat on her bones,

    And being plump isn’t necessarily bad as long as you are healthy,

    I know skinny diabetics and I am a goddess, and I haven’t got any major health problems.


    • A goddess, huh?

      Ancient cultures seemed to revere the rubenesque. The “fertility goddess” was rotund, with large breasts and a big, round belly. It is one of the most widespread symbols of ancient man.

      Beauty if a matter of personal taste, and personal taste is often guided by culture and “fad”. The clock will eventually make its way around again.

  3. Yea, thin has been in since the hippies and twiggy, and fashion designers that want women to look like heroin addicts

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