Haleigh Cummings

I was just watching CNN Headline News, and the Jane Mitchell Show was on.  In this show they were discussing some new allegations regarding the Haleigh Cummings disappearance.

It appears that now there are allegations being made that Ron Cummings, Haleigh’s father, owed Mexican cartels a large sum of money.  Misty Croslin’s grandmother states that she heard (or received hearsay that he said) that he could get Haleigh back if he had 35k.

I then saw the 4 person panel proceed to try to dismiss this story as highly improbable.  Their reasoning was that they do not seem to believe that the Mexican Cartels would kidnap a child in return for large sums of money owed.  They rolled their eyes, and made several sarcastic remarks.  Jane Mitchell even went so far as to say something like, “She is in jail?  Why would she feel afraid about the Mexican’s there?”

I am shocked at exactly how clueless these people are.   Prison is the least safe place to be if you are an enemy of the Cartels.  The prison guards will kill you if other inmates won’t.  Even if they aren’t affiliated with the “Mafia”, they will do it do gain favor from a very powerful and bloodthirsty group.

And let me dispel any myth that they won’t kidnap and murder your children.  I live 3 hours from Mexico, and can rattle off a list of names of people kidnapped and killed for owing too much money.  One guy and his newborn were kidnapped over 50k.  The family got 20k together to buy back the baby.  The dad was found barely alive in a field in Marfa, his penis cut off and shoved down his throat.  The baby had been slightly tortured, so its screams and cries would elicit terror and promote a payment.

Don’t listen to the idiots spouting opinions on the “news”.  They have shown themselves to be clueless, yet willing to render an opinion as if they weren’t clueless.

I am not saying that this is Haleigh’s fate.  But when I heard the allegation, and the underlying story circulating about it, it sounded very familiar.  I believe it, until something more viable comes along.  And I understand why “they” don’t want you to believe it was the Cartel’s.  “They” are fighting tooth and nail to keep a lid on it.


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