A Brief Nuclear History

The above video shows nuclear detonations worldwide since 1945.  It clicks through month by month, year by year, showing how many/where/who.

The people of America are generally warm hearted and loving.  Most Americans would tell you that they are a peace loving people.

But the above video contains data that paints a completely different picture.  If you are American, consider that our nation is not quite as peaceful as you would believe.

I am not into America bashing.  I love my nation.  But the ugly truth is the ugly truth.  Like most good ideas, the ideas that America was founded on have been fully perverted and bastardized.  What we are left with is a clueless populace that doesn’t even realize that our government is the tyrant that we all are told that we are overseas at war with.

We can no longer be clueless.  Someone on a forum today stated the following:

Here is a hint, when your government keeps more secrets than is pertinent, you no longer have a government “by”, “for” and “of” the people and freedom is only a buzz-word designed to subdue and subvert. At one point, you have to ask why so many secrets and how can Americans hold their leaders accountable if everything is a secret? Before you say “security”, “security” is the price of liberty and I would rather live free, than live a slave. Furthermore, it is foolish to think that even half of the secrets kept by government, has anything to do with your security or the security of the people.


It is OUR good name that is being ruined.  It is our nation that is being stolen from us.   We must stop accepting a non-answer as a response.  Speak with your vote.


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