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This was shared to me by a friend of mine, via another forum that I am a member of:

Just so disheartening. Non-profit groups all over America have been competing for Pepsi Refresh Grants. Millions and millions are at stake. How do they win? Getting friends, fans, and supporters to vote on the Pepsi webpage. My favorite was Notre Temps, a strings ensemble that was asking for funds to provide an outlet to make music for string players of all ages/skill levels. Most groups served young children, the disabled, or the elderly.

It was a grassroots effort, but hey, we tried!

And then this message was sent out:

Thank you to everyone for dedicating so much of your time to help us.
Unfortunately it looks like we will not be receiving a Pepsi Refresh
Grant. I do however ask that you take a moment to read what one member
of our coalition discovered. This is outrageous and needs to be stopped.
If you have a moment to write to Pepsi or a news outlet please help us
shed light on the situation. -Michael T*****

A letter from Autumnwood:

I would like to thank you ALL for the great work you each are
doing for your projects and your community. It has been an incredible
experience for us and I do not regret putting all the effort and energy this
contest demanded because it was for a great cause.
This morning I received news that the Progressive Slate’s facebook
page has stated blatantly that they are going to win the remaining $8 million
Pepsi is giving away. I was also forwarded a response from officials at
Pepsi stating the individual projects being promoted by were
acceptable projects. Although doubtful Autumnwood will continue actively
pursuing the $25K grant, we will pursue exposing this atrocity and ask you to do
the same if possible.

Here are the important e-mail addresses to contact with a simple
request to investigate the and connection and
their unbelievable success at stealing $1 million (if all 16 projects win this
month, currently $500,000 are in the money and the 2 $250K projects are #3 and
#4!) from credible non-profit projects intended to assist the underserved
(at-risk youth, abused animals, the disabled, the frail elderly, those with
medical needs, etc.).…blanket/gGMkQc…27328353974882…ion-guidelines
see section 7B…pp/asp.23.html
(this project is in line to receive $250,000 from

The Progressive Slate
As a daily voter with the Progressive Slate, you’ll be one of several thousand individuals helping 16 progressive organizations win over $1,000,000 in the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest in September.

Large scale organizations tapping into money that was meant for under represented youth…a complete travesty.  This is indicative of a pervading trend in America, where more and more money (power) is concentrated under fewer and fewer people.  In an Orwellian future, we could see a “Ministry of Good Deeds”, which decides who/what needs additional funding.

The “Political Action Group”, while a good idea on the surface, will always be subverted by those who see it as a resource.  It is how all “good things” end up bad.  Once it has enough value to be mined as a resource, it is spoiled.

But that isn’t to say that was ever a “good thing”.


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