I find this so true:


It is the reason for the Tea Party.  People have it figured out.  So the GOP has had to change paths.  Since the originally Libertarian Tea Party was gaining some steam, they just moved a few heavyweights in and usurped the movement.

Of course, the Democrats have shown themselves to be failures.

Hmmm…what to do, what to do?


2 Responses to “Marketing”

  1. MemoryShock Says:

    Jon Stewart did a great piece where he showed how the ‘new republican fora’ were saying the same exact things, almost verbatim as republicans 8 years ago…hilarity.

    I have no confidence in the democrats wither so this isn’t a partisan comment but a great look at how our politicians maintain ideological rhetoric for votes…

    • The health care bill that was originally proposed, the one that the GOP threw a fit over (calling it “socialism”, seemingly the deepest cutting slur that they could muster), it was originally proposed (virtually identical) by the GOP in the early 90’s.

      The hypocrisy of the silly little game that is played out on the canvas that is the mainstream media is overwhelming in its stench.

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