Free Speech And Fred Phelps

This is so true.

Do I despise Phelps?  You bet.  But I still want him to be given his full opportunity to be despicable.  This is what our 1st Amendment allows.

Do I think God loves dead soldiers?  Not any more or less than live soldiers, honestly.  But it all boils down to Phelps being an “IRL” troll.

The best way to deal with trolls is to use a large can of “Ignore Spray”.



2 Responses to “Free Speech And Fred Phelps”

  1. The thing that is killing soldiers is the fact that they are in a war zone, it has absolutely nothing to do with what gays are doing in the privacy of their homes. Fred Phelps does not compute! When will these religious douches wake up and smell reality? By the way, we’ve mostly got robots fighting the war, so even less casualties on our side, and on top of that our side is winning the war. Fred Phelps is just a super-douchebag.

  2. thanks

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