Pop Culture Politics

The political environment of any nation can be, at best, despicable.  The greed of men is exceeded by very few phenomena in its intensity and predictability.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the political arena, where nothing good can come without first making sure the back gets scratched.

The political arena is typically an arena for the elders of a society, with most cultures requiring a specific age milestone before service can be allowed.   These elders, typically, will have their own agenda that they will seek to enact by using clever tricks of phrase and misdirections.  In the political arena, this is called “spin”.

However, the most politically motivated generally tend to be the youth.  The youth, with their idealistic viewpoints on politics, tend to be an easily motivated and charged group.  Strong of conviction, what young person doesn’t want to see less violence?  Not yet accustomed to having to work hard to earn their belongings, what youth does not see the world as “unfair” and in need of some level of field leveling?

This creates a crop that is ripe for the picking using the most often used method of “mind control” that the US Government has:  media.

When I was a child, news was the place where the adults went to hear adults say things in an adult manner.  If you watched campaigning, you would see adults using adult language.  Sure, there was mud slinging, but it generally tended to be a blame game for failures in policy and less about partisan bickering.

If you watch it today, you get a large segment of political news being reported by, or made by, more youthful markets.  A good example of this is the MTV “Vote Or Die” campaign that ran a few years ago, with (of all lunatics) P-Diddy as the poster boy.

Really?  Vote or die?  It sounds like a bad video game.  Something I would not watch, to be sure.  To make matters worse, the “vote or die” campaign had nothing to do with pursuing American liberties.  It had all appearances of a Democratic National Party meme-orgy.

And this is really what it all boils down to:  for the youth, politics has become an assault on true logic by replacing logic with various meme’s.  For example, the following falsehoods tower as examples of the lunacy in which we find ourselves involved:

–  The GOP is the party of war and hate.  If this were true, as an exclusive (“the” party of war and hate, not “a” party of war and hate), then we would not have had Clinton going into Bosnia.  Nor would Obama have had more UAV bombings in his first year than Bush had in his entire 8.

The DNC is a left wing, socialist bastion of nutjobs.  Is this really true?  Or is it taking an example of the most extreme, and then mischaracterizing it?  And do the people saying this really know what socialism is?  Perhaps some DNC members have their own socialist leanings, but it is not socialism.

–  A “third party” vote is a wasted vote.  So, so untrue.  And it is the primary cause of our issues right now (that we have no viable alternative to the two parties who we know have failed us, so we are attempting to turn to the “Tea Party” as an alternative….even though it is nothing more than GOP lite).

–  Bush lied.  This is so stupid, it drives me nuts to hear.  Maybe he did lie…but we have no proof of this.  It was the CIA who lied.  And it is the CIA that is responsible for the majority of the bad things that have happened in the US in the last 30 years (remember the “October Surprise”?).  By insisting it was Bush that lied, it gives a free pass to the true liars.

The above fallacies are intrinsically tied to the overly and overtly memetic political arena.  It was one thing when it was kids that were partaking in this, as it didn’t have too much bleed over into the political realm.  But that has changed.  Now, adults are as much tied into pop culture as children (mostly because we have all been groomed on it…but kids and adults listen to very similar music nowadays).  And we are seeing the pop culture memetics become part and parcel to the daily political dialogue in this country.

And this is where our problem really begins, I suppose.  Adults, not just children, buy into the pop culture memetics seen in modern politics.  So they divide off on sides, and begin to hate the “other” side.

Now, the average adult, due to their ego, will not believe that they are under any sort of illusion, especially when it comes to their religion and their politics.  But, if you are an average adult, ask yourself if you see the madness in re-electing one of the two current parties?  How about the Tea Party…do you not see that the GOP leadership has infiltrated it?  Or that a Tea Party member is allowed on the ballot as a GOP member, but not other “third party” candidates are?  This should scream “FRAUD” to any discerning mind.  Never before has an “upstart” party found it so easy to get on each ballot (as Ross Perot, who was locked out of many states in 1992).  The GOP is not big hearted, if that really needs to be pointed out.

Or with the DNC…do you really believe that Obama has given you anything that Bush wasn’t already doing?  Bailouts, tax breaks, increased war…what is the difference here?  That Obama tells a lie to the other world leaders better than Bush did?  Or he will bow?  Is it really racism to disagree with his policies?

The politics of America have no place in the arena of pop culture.  There is no reason to force political thought onto a mind that is not interested in it.  It creates an issue where we have ill informed citizens becoming interested, but only interested enough to decide which political shill they are going to allow to think for them and tell them how to vote.  It is a travesty that this is allowed in our nation.

Thus, we have “mind control” being enacted on the weak minded people of our society.  This is not a criticism of them, either.  It takes all kinds to make this engine run.  However, consider the Michael Jackson’s death.  When he died, Iran was in the middle of a burgeoning civil war.  People were in the streets protesting the elections and dying for using their voice.  They were having media blackouts, and were struggling to get their message out via places like Twitter.  This is the same Iran that we keep being told we are going to go to war with.  Is Michael Jackson’s death really worthy of 24 hour coverage, considering the world was trying to evolve?

Pay attention.  When you see a news story, ask yourself about it.  Read alternative news sources from the internet, and ask yourself why those stories are not being reported in the news.  You, too, will see the Pop Culture Politics that has taken over the political dialogue in our country.



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