You have to check out this site.

It is “”.  This site allows software developers to issue their software for free using their site.  It is an excellent example of symbiotic behavior between the developer and an electronic distribution channel.

On this site you will find a daily give away of free software of one form or another, with a new piece offered each day.  Some software pieces will no longer be available the next day, most will.  You can also peruse their archives of previous give aways to see if there is something that you might still be able to access that you find useful.

I am a big fan of “open source” programming, running Ubuntu on my home desktop system (I have to use Windows on my laptop for compatibility purposes), and absolutely love it (as does my wife and kids).  I have installed Ubuntu on my moms and in laws computers as well (and run it on a couple workstations in my place of employment).  Finding a source of credible, open source (or free license software) for Windoze is like a Holy Grail for me.  Especially when many of the software pieces are usually a “for cost” product being offered on a special deal via this website.

On a side note, I hope to see this model grow in other arenas.  Especially in music, where the real genius can only be had away from the major recording studios (I can’t be the only one to notice that a band with a great first album rarely follows up once the commercial vultures get their claws in them).


One Response to “Giveawayoftheday”

  1. James H Hart Says:

    Cant exactly find the site with the kittens with bells on their neck But they are so cute that you should play their music from the bells arround their necks to our friends that seem to be so good at hideing Ben Lauden and his gang. It will put them to sleep

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