Brett Perv?

I think everyone knows that Favre has been in the news lately for his off field shenanigans.  I, like most, was caught off guard by it.  Being a loyal husband and a rabid family man myself, I cherish public or celebrity figures who espouse these sacred values.  I, like most, am very disappointed in his actions.  But that has nothing to do with his gridiron prowess and skill.

Tonight Favre’s team lost to his old team, Green Bay.  When you say Favres name, I will always think of him in the Green Bay uniform.  I was very disappointed, to be honest, to hear the people of Green Bay boo him as he left the field.  The man had just laid his soul on the field to put on a great football game.  They received the price of admission, and then some, because of the last 5 minutes of the game, which was the Brett Favre show.  The typical, 2 minute drill, cardiac performance that has become the trademark of his long and fabled career.

As I watched Favre tonight, I saw a man who played hard.  Harder than you would expect someone in their 40’s to play.  I saw legendary skill, strong throws, and pinpoint accuracy.  The man is a living legend, and deserves respect for what he has given to the NFL and its fans.  Booing him is one of the most disgraceful things I have ever seen on an NFL broadcast.

Yes, I am fully aware that he is alleged to have sent pics of his weener to a former female coworker with the Jets.  He is a scoundrel, and his position as “Golden Boy” is certainly tarnished.  Instead of another Joe Montana, we get a Joe Namath.  Oh well.  I am not a fan of the NFL for the high levels of moral character among the players.  And thank God, as my disappointments would run far and wide.

Favre may or may not have done what was alleged.  It is a shame that this will likely precipitate a true, and final retirement at this seasons end.  The league is far too short on legendary talent.  Having grown up in the era of Montana, Elway, Payton, Young (back when he was the second best QB in the league, as the backup for Montana), and Barry Sanders, I find the “Prime Cuts” of todays NFL to be unappetizing and bland.  When Favre retires, who will we be left with?  Peyton Manning?  Michael Vick?  Vince Young?

I don’t think any of these could hold Favres jockstrap, especially the last two (Vick had his career derailed in the joint, while Young can’t seem to get over the strange psychological issues he has).  There is talent to be sure, don’t get me wrong.  But that legend.  The living legend.  When Favre retires, the league will find itself without one.

It has been extraordinarily spectacular to watch his career.  To see him grow, rapidly, into the man amongst boys that we see now.  It is a shame that he had to allow something to primal and base as sex to be what takes him away from us.  But, then again, at his age I suppose we were on borrowed time.


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