Diminished Reality

I harvested the above video from ATS, posted by user “darkdays4u” at this location.

It is one of the more interesting things I have seen (including the cloaking stuff presented a few days ago).  The ability to edit, or “photoshop” live television is tantalizing.  Often, breakthroughs like this are released after being under military control or governmental control for some time (the purpose of DARPA, actually, as well as LANL, LLNL, and ORNL, as well as the DoD’s various research facilities).

In the movie Total Recall this concept was pushed forward.  I remember as a kid thinking how horrible it would be for the world for this type of technology to be available.  That horrible future seems to be now.  Events like news reports, 9/11, and video related to various shooters (such as Ft. Hoods shooter) become worthless as evidence of any sort without external corroboration.  “Diminished Reality” is the best name that could have been given to this technology.

It is 1984 and Orwell has inherited the Earth.


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