So, I have been trying to teach myself to use Photoshop.  I like some of the things I see online, and it seems like a useful skill considering I sometimes have to create advertisements for my “real life” job.  To give myself plenty of opportunity, I have been taking images off of simple Google searches and using them in my own creations.  To give myself context while doing this, I am creating avatars for the Abovetopsecret forum members.

First, Zorgon.  He is a friend and I value his input greatly.  He didn’t ask, I just thought that his “blue knight” could use a castle, and maybe the shield could use the Pegasus symbol for the research group Zorgon has.  The result:

In this image I continued to work on bending clips to fit into the new perspective of the piece I am creating. Turned out ok…but I have a ways to go.

In this one I worked on creating perspective.  I figured having multiple items to weave and show perspective on is a good exercise:

In this one I took a humorous jab at Obama.  No real skill being tested.  Just having fun:

This is the first avatar I shared.  I had learned how to make a flat object appear to be a sphere:

I continued trying to work this out, and improved a little when I made this image:

In this image I had ATS user “MessOnTheFed!” request a pigeon pooping on Bernanke’s head (he is the Fed chairman).  An added twist:  he wanted the pigeon poop to look like Gorbechev’s birthmark.  I managed to pull an image of Gorby’s birthmark and turn it white.  Looks absurd, but good:

In the next two, I went for creepy.  A girl in a gas mask?  Oh yeah, creepy…

I had to build the walls and floor from scratch, and learned a lot about perspective and shading.  I could redo it and make it better….but I won’t.

Then the Clown Mushroom Cloud:

This last one…yeah.  So ATS user “cheesefacedogbone” asked me if I could come up with one that would go along with his name.  To be honest, I didn’t know where to start.  Then it occured to me that a superhero with a cheese head, carrying a bone would work.  Thus, this masterpiece of absurdity was born:

And they said it couldn’t be done.  LOL.  I decided to render it in posterized edges.  It helps cover the texture differences from the three pictures I pulled the pieces from (one real life, one cartoon, and one CGI).  I really, really like this one.

I will post more stuff in the future.  As I create it.  Of course, there are only a couple of regular visitors, and many of them likely are not interested in this stuff.


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