Bush Backs Obama?

Today, while perusing the various news outlets, I spied this:

The venue was the Oval Office. A group of British dignitaries, including Gordon Brown, were paying a visit. It was at the height of the 2008 presidential election campaign, not long after Bush publicly endorsed John McCain as his successor.

Naturally the election came up in conversation. Trying to be even-handed and polite, the Brits said something diplomatic about McCain’s campaign, expecting Bush to express some warm words of support for the Republican candidate.

Not a chance. “I probably won’t even vote for the guy,” Bush told the group, according to two people present.“I had to endorse him. But I’d have endorsed Obama if they’d asked me.”

Endorse Obama? Cue dumbfounded look from British officials, followed by some awkward remarks about the Washington weather. Even Gordon Brown’s poker face gave way to a flash of astonishment.


Oh really?

It is no secret that Bush and McCain have this “tiff” going back a few years.  There is no love lost there.  But I wonder…

…could this be more of a political ploy?  Bush is still fairly unpopular.  Even with Obama turning out to be dismal, the memory of Bush still burns in a lot of minds.  Of course, Obama’s “Blame Bush” strategy has helped fuel this.

Considering this, would it not be a brilliant move to have Bush come out and endorse Obama, especially on one of his most contended measures?  What a way to turn the “Blame Bush” meme around.  If you keep Blaming Bush, after he has supported you (be it true or not, once reported in the press it becomes a realistic perception…consensus reality) what does that say for you and your approach?

I have found it amusing how people who are typically “conservative” ignore that the management of the financial crisis was started by Bush, and basically continued unchanged under Obama.

Regardless, this is some interesting gossip.


4 Responses to “Bush Backs Obama?”

  1. I think it’s more of admission that he was a true sock puppet. Bush was a figure head. He wasn’t calling the shots. I suspect that is true for many political icons. The lobbyist the party or in Bush’s case his own family may have more sway on him then he liked. You are assuming the “They” is Obama and his party. They in this context is Bush’s handlers.

    • That may be. I do honestly believe that the Reagan election represented the CIA taking over the controls of the POTUS office. Bush, Sr was able to help pull off a sure thing with a little October Surprise. From there, the CIA runs the show up through the present.

      The whole fetus thing….that gives me pause.

  2. I think congress is to be blaimed for all the economic troubles and the fact that the unions have been allowed to take over making policies that ultimately drove business overseas.

    • I think you have made a true statement. I think that it is more than just Unions, though. Lawyers, corporations, and special interest groups write an awful lot of laws, too. Especially in how it applies to special interest groups, there is a lot of overlap between their interests, and the interests of the Unions.

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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