The American Dream Has Become…

On AboveTopSecret there is a moderator named ProjectVxn that penned the following.  With his permission, I am reprinting here.  It is truly an outstanding piece written from a perspective that I think many here in the Southwest can associate.  Enjoy….

…The American Nightmare

In 1989 my feet touched the tarmac in Miami. I was coming from Costa Rica, my parents, a ten year long journey from Cuba to America that took them through Costa Rica, where my brother and I were born. We are political refugees.

I’m 25 now, I remember the first time I saw a television, the first time I saw a flushing toilet, the first time I saw a modern car, my first day in an American school….No uniforms… I always wondered about that.

But that’s what it’s all about right? That’s what I thought. For many, many years. Until 9/11. I stood aside and watched. Trying to figure out my place in America, who was, and still is, very scared of foreigners…(Not without good reason mind you.). So like many I was quiet. I would occasionally say things like, “we did this to ourselves”, or “Has anybody stopped to think about why they actually hate us?”, but that made no waves, and I wasn’t seeking to make any.

Flash to the Iraq War… “They will greet us as Liberators, not Invaders”. “Iraq has massive stockpiles of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and is poised to use them.”, “I think Iraq and Al-Qaida are indistinguishable.”, “We will build schools, we will rebuild their energy infrastructure, and re-organize their military forces.” …”Mission Accomplished”, “Insurgency beginning to create a real problem.”, “Iraq is in the midst of Civil War.”

At this point my brother had already joined the Army. And by this time, a growing number of people were waking up to the reality that Bush is, in fact, lying. And that this war is nothing more or less than that. A lie.

Turns out my brother was now fighting for corporate interests, fighting to preserve the the ability of individuals and corporations both real and fake to rob the Iraqi piggy bank blind. And do the same with no-bid contracts…Billions of American Tax dollars that are now gone. Add to that bailouts, and massive government enabled fraud and all he fought for was to help the elite rob two nations, when he thought he was there to help.

At this point I didn’t know what to think…The propaganda had actually gotten to me in a small, but rather profound way. It had put the suggestion in my mind that my brother was now part of this war, and I should support my brother, but what about this war? Does that mean I have to shut up about the war to support my brother?
In many circles it meant just that. Especially in the news media. What I have witnessed in the 20 years I have been here is a severe and forceful push toward what resembles fascism. While they attack our right to bear arms, they grant corporations the right to use deadly force on the streets. They hijack our congress, and pollute our process for a dollar amount. And America falls asleep, seemingly immune to the poison that slowly corrodes the fabric of what made this country free…Sometime ago.

I could make the choice to either abandon support for my brother and therefore America, or Abandon the very thing that makes me, me. I chose to abandon neither. I talked to my brother and I asked him what was up. What it is really all about. And what he thought of my feeling toward it. And he said, “While I fight, I need someone in my corner. Do what you gotta do, I gotta do what I gotta do. Even if I don’t agree with it.” And I did, and am doing what I have to do.

I’m sure some would say “But it’s his responsibility to say no!” The problem is, he has two little girls. And the only way he can assure they reach their potential is to do what he’s told. He loves this country. But this Government is using him. And he knows it, but unlike us, he’s absorbed into a system that has full control of how his life turns out, and his life is directly tied to my two little nieces. And I can’t begrudge him this.

Moral of the story? Freedom in this country is a false sense of security. We must fight for those who cannot fight for themselves, we must be their voices when they cannot speak. We must preserve with everything that makes us who we are, the very things that makes this country free. The Constitution of the United States of America.

In this document lies the very tools needed to exact justice on those who are guilty of manifesting injury on the American people, and on the World as a whole. In this document lies the tools we need to continue to forge a truly free society, free from indefinite imprisonment, free from fighting for the profit of a few. In this document lies the tools we need to achieve every goal we must achieve to stay the greatest, and freest nation in the world. In this document is also written that the true will of the United States, is for the people, by the people. And that these documents are unique in that they are built for constant revolution.

The revolution will come. The first thing we must do is Read the Constitution. Then we must remove the money and faith based groups from the system as it is these two things that politicians like to use against us the most. They divide us with our faith, they conquer us with corporate fascist entities, and use propaganda to ensure we swallow every last drop of their intoxicating, yet enslaving tonic. Tyranny.

We came to this country because a beacon really does shine. Despite what people on this site might think about America, and Americans. There is a light that brings people like my parents and I to this country. There is a beacon of light that guides people to love this country, and fight for this country, and preserve the values this country was founded upon…Maybe more so for people such as myself, who up until entering the US, had no idea we actually had the right to be treated like human beings. This is the only nation I have ever lived in that actually gives a damn about others and isn’t entirely consumed by racism(despite what we have recently been lead to believe), or xenophobia or both. And that has to count for something.

There are however a few…A very clever and shrewd few, who have managed to gain the control of every system, and resource we hold dear. And squander it for the sake of making their pockets that much heavier.

The revolution starts, however, when people realize that an American Revolution, has nothing to do with GM commercials, money, and pretty things, and everything to do with life and death, law and order, and the checks and balances that maintains the flow of what has come to be known by the world as the American Dream.

In the last 8 years specifically, that dream has become a nightmare for me. November of 2008 Americans, myself included, ate Hope for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and for the first time in the 21 years I’ve been in the US I watched Americans really care about their future, and the future of the nation. Obama was charged as the caretaker of that future by many who laid their hopes of a more peaceful and prosperous nation at his feet. He firmly stepped on that hope, and people don’t seem to understand that a lot gets done in a short amount of time in Washington. The idea that he hasn’t been there long enough to have had any effect is absurd. How many of you know why Obama had Michigan v. Jackson overturned by the Supreme Court? I’ll leave that to the reader to search for the answers. This isn’t about party affiliation to me, this is about those who love and want to serve America, and those who wish to reap the benefits off the blood, sweat, and tears of Americans. Corruption knows no party line, and no smile can be big enough, and no promise can be sweet enough to dull the pain I feel for the US today as a result of what I have witnessed happening to my beloved nation over the 2 decades I have been here.

It is my hope that in two more decades I will look back on this post and reflect on these feelings and laugh at my own absurdity. But my heart and mind knows reality lies elsewhere. And the vision for America that I see is one where freedom is a thing of the past and our collective hard work is squandered to line the pockets of those who would see us dead if it would make them another dollar.

I beg my fellow Americans, do not let this happen. THERE IS NO OTHER PLACE ON EARTH like this. If the American Experiment fails, that’s it. There is no where else to go.

Stand and fight!




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