Lady Liberty Is Clutching Her Chest

To those of us who pay attention, who have spent any amount of time studying the words of our founding fathers, Thomas Paine, Henry Thoreaux, or who understand how people like Hitler and Stalin were able to gain the will of the very people they victimized, we see what is happening.

Things like the TSA screenings, which severely push the limits of what liberty is, which blatantly ignore Constitutional limitations with sly double speak.  Or the fact that your credit card activity can be monitored without a warrant.  Or maybe even the fact that your local PD has a whole, new array of super sweet, military grade equipment with which to pursue their civilian jobs.   These things are a warning sign.  A red flag, at least to those of us who have studied the past.

This morning I cam across this thread on ATS, and found some really good videos, which I want to share:

Every time I see the image or video of that guy in China, it gives me an emotional response.

Regarding this last video….there is no conspiracy.  It seems that the soundtrack may be copyrighted, causing the banning.  If for some reason it gets removed again, I will upload a copy from my hard drive.

I absolutely love Ron Paul.  He is now going to be the head of the congressional committee responsible for overseeing the Fed.  Lets hope he does something meaningful for the American people in that capacity.

I am unsure how many people really care about these things, versus just want to make sure they still get their shopping trips and shiny baubles.  But for those that do care, I urge you to do something.  I am not talking about selling out and moving firmly to the fringe.  I am not talking about violence (I abhor violence).  I am talking about educating, getting people involved.  Making sure The People know that we are being duped.  That we are far more likely to die from our own policemen than a terror attack.  That our privacy means something, it is what keeps us as individuals.  We must demand that the ideals that our nation were founded upon are restored.  That liberty march forward, not be encroached upon.

Don’t do something stupid.  But DO SOMETHING.


One Response to “Lady Liberty Is Clutching Her Chest”

  1. I guess I agree with what you are saying although I don’t want too :p

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