Wikileaks: Exposing The Culture Of Secrecy

And so it has begun.  Hearing of concepts such as “Infowars” seemed like an almost to abstract idea to really fathom, and it often entailed a slightly different twist.  However, make no mistake, what we are seeing here is full blown Infowars.   And it could be critical, if there is something that really ever comes from the “Big Leak” known as Manning.

Since these leaks have started, a whole host of new security measures have been put in place, including tightening up some gaps created by Gen. Petraus.  Because of this, I would not expect to see a whole lot of new information coming out that isn’t already out.  Further, I would not expect there to be too much that is related to things other than some State Dept wires and other diplomatic dealings.  The UFO hunters will have to be disappointed….the dataset that these leaks have been pulled from isn’t even close to anything that would relate to UFO’s or black projects.

If we consider that all of these leaks are basically equal to the emails I would send within a corporation, with small requests for information or process alterations, maybe some gossip that could be relevant to how we deal with folks….just basic office talk on email chatter.  There is nothing “National Security” about what we have seen, or can really expect to see.  There may be some laws that are broken, etc….but given what passes for punishment in DC (Rangel gets “censure”?  What is that?  “You were naughty, now run along and stay out of further trouble”), I would not expect anything to really come from the Manning leaks.  Unless there is some politicizing that can be done, who knows.

I understand the need to punish Manning.  He broke the law, and stabbed his finger in the Imperial eye.  But so did a few of our founding fathers, correct?  Now, I am not comparing Manning to Washington.  But I do want to point out that violating laws can still be patriotic.  Can still be performed for the greater good.  This is a concept supported by judicial ruling.  It is the duty of the American citizen to be unruly, to demand greater freedom, and to buck the system if need be in the preservation of liberty.

And is that not what we see going on here?  With Julian Assange?  At his hearing there were people lined up willing to donate tens of thousands of dollars to help him make bail.  Bail that was denied.  For a crime that is not just a joke, but not even a crime in the UK.

To the American concerned with freedom and liberty, it should matter not what Mannings motivation was.  Or why Assange is doing what he is doing.  What should matter is that the veil of secrecy was partially lifted, giving us a small peak.  And the response created the greatest of teeth gnashing.  Over what?  I don’t know…there is nothing in those leaks that is really damning (yet).

But maybe THAT is the conspiracy here.  That information is classified as a matter of national security, when it in reality is really just mundane, silly, and confirming of what everyone already knows.  Maybe these mundane leaks expose a needless culture of secrecy that is sapping our liberty bit by bit, secret by secret.  Disengaging The People…maybe that is what is being uncovered by Assange here.  It is no less heinous that the supposed war crimes of the Bush administration, that is for sure.

Regardless, it seems that although Assange may not be seeing the light of day for awhile, there is a strong contingent of folks that are very similar to him ready to carry on his work.  As a patriot, I can only hope.


2 Responses to “Wikileaks: Exposing The Culture Of Secrecy”

  1. Well said. To further murk the already murky waters of this Infowar I still suspect that this information was planted. Information that is harmless, laced with a juicy tidbit or two just to make it interesting, just to expose Manning (or others like him.)

    I think it is a trap designed both to expose the leaker and to punish the non establishment media by coming down on them like the wrath of God. The M.S.M. has long ago come to terms with the government and for the most part they scratch each others back and stay out of each others way. They sold there soul to the devil years ago. The blogasphere hasn’t got to that point yet. It is also amateurish enough and made from enough of a wide spectrum that it can be easily be played.

    Just like the government finds some whack job and strokes his ego long enough to entrap him into thinking he is blowing up a Army recruitment center, they can find the right blogger and manipulate him into being the example of what you are not supposed to do.

    Like you I agree this isn’t about the data released but the fight to see that secret and to figure out how much is real and how much is staged. I really wish someone would give me a playbill so that I can follow all this.

    • I am following the Wiki saga on ATS (linked in my blogroll). There are about half a million active users that scour the net constantly for all manner of news. Of course, there is lots of the kooks…but it isn’t hard to sort out the chaff).

      I expect they will eventually put up a Wikileaks forum there just to sort it out.

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