Sweet Baby Jesus

I know a lady that has three of the funniest kids I have ever met.  Especially the oldest, a daughter who is 7.  This kid says some of the most hilarious things, and has the kindest heart.  At a Christmas party I saw that she was eating some red velvet cake, and I asked her if she liked it.  She nodded in the affirmative, and I told her I did, too.  A few seconds go by and I realize that there is a plastic fork full of red velvet cake being shoved into my mouth.  I pulled my head back and stifled the riotous laughter that was welling inside, and politely thanked her by saying, “No thank you.  I DO like it, but am just too full right now.”

This morning, I was conveyed the following story.  To set it up, our small town has a “Festival of Lights” in our park.  It is a bunch of Christmas themed lights set up in a driving path through our rather large community park.  It is really pretty cool, and the whole community looks forward to it every year.  Through donations taken at the gate, it has grown rather large since the first one 15 years ago, with the addition of a “Gift Shop” a few years back.  No real gifts, just a Santa and a photographer.

So this friend, her father, and her kids were driving through the Festival of lights.  Along the way are several manger scenes, and the oldest daughter keeps talking about “baby Jesus”.  Her mother, being fairly irreverent, starts making the Talladega Nights reference of “Sweet Baby Jesus”, which her daughter soon picks up.  And, of course, you cannot hear someone say “Sweet Baby Jesus” without smiling.  Before long, the little girl is calling the infant in swaddling clothes “Sweet Baby Jesus”, and mom is cracking up.  Of course, the girl has not seen Talladega Nights, and doesn’t know why mom is laughing…but regardless it makes for a lighthearted time and they all had a blast.

They drove through the entire Festival and decided to stop for some Santa pictures towards the end at the Gift Shop.  With all three kids standing around him, Santa looks at the oldest daughter first.  When he asks her what she wants for Christmas, her mom notices that she is all of a sudden crying.  Not just a few tears, but sobbing and crying.  Santa seems unfazed by this, as evidenced by him pushing forward and asking her what she wanted.

She doesn’t answer, she just cries.  So her mom prompts her with, “Come on, tell Santa what you want”.  To the shock of her mother (and likely, the horror of her Grandfather) she says through sobs and tears, “I just want Sweet Baby Jesus to come back!!!” and breaks down in tears.

Santa, being war hardened and immune to the words of children moves directly on to the next child without missing a beat.  “And what do YOU want for Christmas this year?”


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