The Gazan Manifesto

I have been moved to tears.  Of course, I am sad that these people have to live this life.  But my tears come from the raw emotion that they are showing.  The hunger of freedom, for liberty.  It is something that DOES make me emotional. The yearning of man to find the acceptance from his fellow man to far enough a degree that he is free to choose what he wants to do without the risk of imprisonment, death, torture, or ruin.

I am unsure why, but it is something that has always had a strong effect on me.  While watching Braveheart, and he is being emasculated, I cry.  Not because of his pain, not because of the sad ending.  I cry because of how much he is willing to sacrifice for freedom.  That is all that mattered, and what he screamed with his last breath.  How  much more powerful can you get?

What is happening in Gaza is a travesty.  It is every bit as bad as any other genocide.  There are people there who don’t want to live like this.  Who have no interest in killing anyone.  Who see Allah in the same way that most of you see Jesus (a vague and abstract thought that you stick too out of habit more than anything else).

These are humans who hurt.  Who yearn for basic freedom.  For the things that we, as Americans, are freely pissing away.  Shame on us, and God bless them:

The Manifesto

“Fuck Hamas. Fuck Israel. Fuck Fatah. Fuck UN. Fuck UNWRA. Fuck USA! We, the youth in Gaza, are so fed up with Israel, Hamas, the occupation, the violations of human rights and the indifference of the international community!

“We want to scream and break this wall of silence, injustice and indifference like the Israeli F16s breaking the wall of sound; scream with all the power in our souls in order to release this immense frustration that consumes us because of this fucking situation we live in…

“We are sick of being caught in this political struggle; sick of coal-dark nights with airplanes circling above our homes; sick of innocent farmers getting shot in the buffer zone because they are taking care of their lands; sick of bearded guys walking around with their guns abusing their power, beating up or incarcerating young people demonstrating for what they believe in; sick of the wall of shame that separates us from the rest of our country and keeps us imprisoned in a stamp-sized piece of land; sick of being portrayed as terrorists, home-made fanatics with explosives in our pockets and evil in our eyes; sick of the indifference we meet from the international community, the so-called experts in expressing concerns and drafting resolutions but cowards in enforcing anything they agree on; we are sick and tired of living a shitty life, being kept in jail by Israel, beaten up by Hamas and completely ignored by the rest of the world.

“There is a revolution growing inside of us, an immense dissatisfaction and frustration that will destroy us unless we find a way of canalising this energy into something that can challenge the status quo and give us some kind of hope.

“We barely survived the Operation Cast Lead, where Israel very effectively bombed the shit out of us, destroying thousands of homes and even more lives and dreams. During the war we got the unmistakable feeling that Israel wanted to erase us from the face of the Earth. During the last years, Hamas has been doing all they can to control our thoughts, behaviour and aspirations. Here in Gaza we are scared of being incarcerated, interrogated, hit, tortured, bombed, killed. We cannot move as we want, say what we want, do what we want.

“ENOUGH! Enough pain, enough tears, enough suffering, enough control, limitations, unjust justifications, terror, torture, excuses, bombings, sleepless nights, dead civilians, black memories, bleak future, heart-aching present, disturbed politics, fanatic politicians, religious bullshit, enough incarceration! WE SAY STOP! This is not the future we want! We want to be free. We want to be able to live a normal life. We want peace. Is that too much to ask?”


As a proud American, I will do whatever I can to help them.  No, I am not able to do much.  But I am spreading their message.  That is a start.  I encourage you to do the same.

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