Day 1

Not gonna create a journal here or anything…but a quick blurb.

Today is day 1 of a “diet”.  It isn’t so much for me, although a few less pounds would make life a little easier.  I am as happy in my body as I would be in any body.  This is more about my son, who really needs to drop some weight.

He wants to go hunting, so we are going to tie his deep, deep desire to go hunting into weight loss and fitness.  Like I tell him, in Texas you can’t make it out of the thick brush with a deer unless you are in shape.  I have known folks who died doing it due to age and poor fitness.

He is a really good shot, and knows more about guns than anyone I have ever met (at the age of 12).  A quick glance at a photo, and he once told me, “That is the Romanian AK.  See how it has the foregrip attached already?  That is the Romanian build”.  He loves the 2nd Amendment, and our recent weekends spent in target practice (with a .22 rifle, and a few shots from a 30-30 Marlin) have been very good bonding for us.

So wish us luck.  I want my son to know some of the things I knew growing up.  While I may ride a desk, I can still fend for myself in the wilderness.  I am not a survivalist…just experienced with running in the wild.


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