Dead Birds And Mustard Gas

We have all heard about the dead birds and fish in Arkansas.  Someone I know sent me the following link:

Link to MSN story on dead birds

And pointed out the following comment:

It is no coincidence that Pine Bluff Chemical Weapons Arsenal is 57 miles southwest of where this flock of 2,000 birds mysteriously dropped from the sky. Surface level winds as well as winds at 3,000 feet were blowing from the southwest to the northeast, precisely in a straight line from Pine Bluff Arsenal to the town of Beebe, AR where this happened. 6 weeks ago, the Army reported to the media that they had completed a 2 year project of burning nerve and mustard gas agents in an open air incinerator, however toxic waste disposal is expected to take until 2013. Until 6 weeks ago, this facility held 12% of all the chemical weapons possessed by the United States.
Is it possible that something went wrong or was accidentally released during the final stages of the cleanup process?
That explanation seems a lot more likely than the one being given by the media that 2,000 birds were scared to death by fireworks. If that was the case, then millions of birds would be dropping dead in every city across the United States every July 4th or New Years.

If this is true, the implications are huge (yet will be ignored).  What about people in that area?

Whatever the truth, the logic is sound:  why do we not have birds falling from the sky during the larger celebrations of the 4th of July?

4 Responses to “Dead Birds And Mustard Gas”

  1. Wondered if you’d see that article. That makes the most sense to me. I couldn’t see it being CIA tests as Alex Jones was saying today nor could I see the windshear idea that I had seen also.

    How does this tie in to the fish kill?

    • We would have to know what was at that facility to really get that idea, i think.

      Chemical agents incinerated in open pits…that seems like a recipe for disaster to the surrounding ecosystem.

      i would bet it wasn’t in the air, either. I am thinking “ingestion”.

  2. its getting worse. birds are dropping all over the place and now fish are dying too.

    • Yeah, i am unsure what to think. With other animals unaffected, and the vegetation still strong, I cannot really think of any doomsday scenario outside the awakening of a fault line.

      We will see.

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