Liberal Taxes Explained

You know, I disagree with most taxes.  I support a flat consumption tax applied incrementally on each level of government as opposed to income tax that robs from your check and feeds the poor with tax exemptions (even though it would work against me financially).

But this video really nails the “left” mindset of taxation:

Yeah, the sound sucks (computer generated voices, not human voices).  But the words are astoundingly astute and sharp.

Bear in mind that it is only marginally worse than the GOP tax plan, which generally includes taxing all people some.  The trick is that loopholes and hedges are built in that people with a little wealth are able to take advantage of to decrease net taxes paid as a percentage of income.

This is why I support a consumption tax.  You rid the people of the tyranny of the IRS (good freaking riddance) while leveling the taxes based on consumption, not income.

Sure, it would slow the economy some, as people would then be encouraged to save rather than spend.  But this creates a healthier nation.  As well, it DOES create more opportunity for personal charity, which would decrease access to defense monies and increase access to humanitarian monies.

But to me, the biggest and best effect is that it would likely move the poverty level quite a bit lower.  If you are taxed on consumption rather than income, you can keep more of your money in your pocket and spend it wisely.  The college kid living on ramen would certainly enjoy such a tax scheme when it comes time to cash their check from the 20 hour a week job at The Footlocker.


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