Holden Uganda

I am a member of a local civic organization that meets weekly.  I am almost always impressed with the presentations given by the guest speakers, most of whom are just small time local folks who are trying to make a difference and would like our support.  This past Friday I was particularly impressed with the presentation for not only the inspiration born from tragedy that was presented, but with also how creative and effective what these people are doing is.

Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life. John 4:14

There is a local woman (whose name escapes me now) that spoke of a friend of hers who she discovered on a forum for expecting mothers.  When she discovered that this lady lived only a few miles away, and that their due dates were the same, they developed a friendship.  Since she had already had 3 children of her own, she was kind of like a mentor to this other lady (Sarah Erwin) who was having her first child.

Her child came a few weeks early, so her and Sarah were anxiously awaiting the birth of Sarah’s son, Holden.  Sarah went into labor, and was expected for everything to go well as all signs were good.  However, the umbilical cord ended young Holden’s life.  When we heard this, the entire room took in a huge sigh, and you could feel the pain of the civic group.  There wasn’t a single dry eye in the room.  Honestly, it was gut wrenching to consider the pain this woman had gone through.

Sarah Erwin and her husband, Chet

Yet there she was, standing there in front of us.  A young, beautiful, strong woman.  A woman who did not want to allow her first childs memory to die.  From this was born Holden Uganda.

Holden Uganda was founded in December 2010  to spread the love of Christ with people around the globe.  Our mission is to provide clean drinking water, through Artesian wells, to African communities.

Our initial (and current) project is to build nine wells in Uganda, representing the nine months of life Holden lived on earth.  Each of the first nine wells will be named after a baby who went to heaven before his/her parents.

HoldenUganda.org Website

Sarah and Chet were very interested in water quality.  In our area, the water is not so good, and we are all very aware of the impact of water quality.  So they put their efforts to improving water quality for people in Uganda.  Why Uganda?  No reason, other than it was reportedly the worst.

They have teamed up with some folks who are drilling their wells for them at near cost. They are employing local Ugandan citizens to do the work (stimulating the local economy), and are able to get a water well up and running for a community at a cost of about $2000.  All money that she gains is put towards this effort, so if someone sponsored a well for one of their loved ones, the money would pass right through her hands to the contractor who is buying the materials and drilling the well.

Thus far, according to last weeks presentation, they have 7 wells already sponsored, and see interest for almost a dozen more.  My purpose for writing this is to not only tell the story of this brave family, but to bring awareness to what they are doing.  It is a significant impact for the people affected, as they will (for the first time in their lives) have water that isn’t murky, brown, and contaminated with things that would make the average American squeamish.  And the project works, at least for now, because it is on a scale that can keep corruption at bay.  It is being run exclusively by a woman with a mission to memorialize her son through this effort.

It was incredibly difficult to write this.  I can only imagine the resolve that Chet and Sarah Erwin have.

If you are interested in learning more, click this link for the website.


5 Responses to “Holden Uganda”

  1. That’s quite a story that is also difficult to read. However the strength of Sarah is amazing and uplifting. I can only hope that I will have some of her strength one day when I will require it (and we all will). The world needs more people like her. Thank you for sharing this.

    • I am a big guy. Former all state offensive lineman, former state level power lifter. I bet most people would love to see me when i read about the Erwin family. I can’t do it without crying.

      Strength…that is an understatement, huh?

  2. What a beautiful story of love and healing through sharing with others.

  3. how do i join

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