Day 21

So, about three weeks ago I wrote about how we (my wife, son, and I) were going to do a low carb diet.  Today is day 21 for us, and we have not had any sugar (save a 3tbs dose I put on a 11lb Pork Shoulder for pulled pork) in that entire time.  Our total starch intake has amounted to a 3 oz. potato and a half a hamburger bun apiece.

My son and I show the greatest progress.  We are both down about 30 lbs each.  We both are noticing significant changes, and are both happy with what we have seen.

A low carb diet is not for everyone.  But my son will not eat veggies without great creativity on my side.  So, given the choice of a calorie restriction (and insanely small portions) or a carb restriction (along with rapid weightloss and rapid correction of glycemic health) we chose the low carb route.

The lucky part is, I am a very good cook with lots of creativity.  Some nights are boring and bland, but for the most part we do not sacrifice in flavor or overall pleasure.  We just do it without bread, rice, potato, and sugar.

We have found our “peace” with dessert, however.  Smoothies are a family favorite.  Which means that dessert is usually under 10 carbs total and we get to have the pleasure of a really good “sweet”.  If I cut back on the ice, and add more heavy cream, it comes out a lot like Ice Cream (so long as you don’t blend it for too long, or the cream starts to become butter).

I am not saying that we will be doing this forever.  But it is an effective way for us to get health issues under control, and to have the boy fitting back in clothes that he had already grown out of.  Talk about a win/win!


3 Responses to “Day 21”

  1. You are a very creative cook and I LOVE your cooking! WAY TO GO ON THE 30lbs EACH! and tell your lovely wife and precious boy WAY TO GO!

    • i am closer to 45 or 50, honestly. but i melt. the normal ebb and flow of body weight, for me, can easily range 75 lbs without me really realizing it. that is why i have pants that span sizes ranging about 8″, so i always have something to wear.

      we decided that on Monday we will get back to the “Induction” phase again. hardcore low carb, we usually aim for under 10 carbs per day.

  2. great work. we are on a new diet as well. not for weight issues buy my wife has hypertension so we’ve turned into a low sodium high fiber diet and a half hour of exercise daily. im a descent cook myself and i had to scrap many of my favorite dishes 😦

    the hardest thing is giving up bacon. for your son, have him try sauteed string beans with garlic, im sure hell love it.

    i stopped using the word “diet” and now call it to a way of life. good luck!

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