Did China Try To Pass Off Top Gun As Air Force Footage?

This might be the funniest thing I have seen come out of China since the Olympic opening.

China is well known creators of crap.  Trash and trinkets cover the globe, made in Chinese factories.  There is an entire “internet meme” culture around the horrible marketing of Chinese products (look up the term “Engrish” for graphical details).  But they just don’t get it.

A few days ago, China Central Television showed footage of what they claimed was an air force training exercise conducted on January 23. From the looks of things, they were actually just playing clips from Top Gun.The clips in question were reportedly aired during the News Broadcast program on China Central Television, the major state television broadcast company. They supposedly showed a J-10 fighter firing a missile at another aircraft during a practice exercise.

But an internet commenter quickly pointed out that the aircraft the J-10 was shown shooting down was an F-5, an American aircraft, and the very one Tom Cruise guns down in a scene from Top Gun. Comparing frames from the CCTV broadcast (left) and Top Gun (right), well, they’re lookin’ pretty much identical.

So that’s amusing. There’s no word yet on whether or not the Chinese fighter pilots engaged in any beach volleyball after the exercises.


Found on ATS, by user Jericho65.  Discussion can be found here.

In April of 2002 I was in Manhattan.  As I walked through Time Square I was amazed by some of the street performers.  This one kid had two buckets (like a 5 gallon utility bucket) that he was using for drums, along with something he was using for a cymbal.  He was amazingly good, and I think was the same kid that had his 15 minutes of fame for his skill back in the late 90’s (I also saw The Naked Cowboy).  The crowd around him was hyped, acting raucous like you would expect in NYC.  The kid was good, and his tip box was almost full as his drumsticks moved in a blur, creating an amazing beat.

Across the street, 6 lanes away, I noticed an old homeless man.  He appeared to have some issues, honestly, and I felt some pity for his condition.  He was sitting on a milk crate, with a 5 gallon bucket in front of him.  He had a pair of mismatched sticks, neither of them made for drumming.  And he was beating on that bucket, completely without any rhythm.  He appeared to see the success of the kid I was watching, and was trying to emulate it.  Problem is, he had no musical talent and it sounded like a racket, not a drum beat.  No one was watching him, and his side of the street was actually somewhat dark compared to the bright lights of the theater we were standing in front of.

China is kind of like that old man.  They are trying to emulate the successes of Western nations, in a bid to be “legitimate” in their own eyes.  But, through their own lack of insight into what it is they are trying to achieve, they fail miserably.   Whether it be the above story, or the faked “space walk” they had (footage taken from training in a pool…I actually doubt that they made it to space given the quality of work they have shown in their trash and trinkets from Oriental Trading), or the fact that they will hire just some random white guy in a suit to act as a business representative for them, they continue to fail in the most humorous way.

I love the Chinese historical culture…when did they become the socially awkward cousin of the world?

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