Christina Aguilera

I think everyone should know by now what it is that Christina Aguilera did to our beloved National Anthem last night.   I am a HUGE fan of the song, myself.  I love what it stands for (even if the current America fails miserably to live up to what our national icons stand for).

But really.  Do we really need to rake her over the coals for this?  Granted, I don’t own much of her music.  But I have stated countless times, she has the best voice in the world today.  My admiration aside, this boils down to much ado about nothing.

I can accept that, perhaps, someone may not want to hire her to sing the National Anthem again, based on poor performance.  But she didn’t smuggle in a suitcase nuke through LaGuardia, either.  She flubbed a line.  Sure, it is an important song to Americans…but she flubbed the line at the Super Bowl.  It wasn’t a Government, Military, or Patriotic event.  It was a football game.  The height of commercial capitalism.  Hardly rising to the level of a critical moment in music or American history.

This by no means belittles the sacrifices made by our fine men and women in the military.  Their services comes from within, and does not require the validation via some pop music singer.  I would not imagine our finest soldiers being upset by her mistake, although you CAN expect them to razz her mercilessly (that is just the way our boys and girls in uniform are…merciless trash talkers.  Some of the best in the world, to be honest).

Is there a “teachable moment” here?  Certainly.  It has been the butt of jokes for ages that Americans are woefully unaware of matters relating to their civic responsibilities, and governmental knowledge.  Jay Leno made a living out of making fun of this national shame.  Does this mean Christina Aguilera is an idiot?  Absolutely not.  She knows the words to the song (as evidenced by countless good performances over the years, most recently at Game 7 of the World Series).  She just “flubbed it”.  Cracked under pressure, didn’t sleep enough, was sick….whatever the reason, we can prove that she knows the words based on those earlier performances.

For those who have been, and will continue to be upset by this, I would remind you of the late, great George Carlin’s comments on matters such as this:

I don’t get all choked up about yellow ribbons and American flags. I see them as symbols, and I leave them to the symbol-minded.

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