PJ Crowley

So much for transparency in government, and so much for Obama’s claim to detest nudity as a form of torture.  What we have seen with PJ Crowly is nothing short of despicable.

I did not vote for Obama.  I saw a snake oil salesman when he campaigned.  Regardless, he did seem like the lesser of two evils.  But he has completely failed to live up to what he has said, what he campaigned on.  To make matters worse, it seems as though his family is looting the Nation to pay for travel and other niceties that they did not pay for (to this magnitude) out of their own pocket.

To make matters even worse than that, in the next election there does not seem to be a GOP candidate that can unseat Obama.  Perhaps Hillary could try in the Primaries, but talk about unprecedented.  So, short of a third party miracle, it looks like we will be having another Obama term.

Who knows.  Maybe people will once again fall for the golden pipes of this snake oil salesman, weaving words like a master.  Maybe we will end up seeing Obama elected on a wave of populist support.  I don’t have much faith in my fellow Americans, so we will see.

One Response to “PJ Crowley”

  1. How about Donald Trump? …lol

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