Charlie Sheen’s Antics Merely A Publicity Stunt?

We have all watched over the last month as Charlie Sheen has gone from a household name to, well….a bigger household name.  The name “Charlie Sheen” is the punchline to several jokes, all of which merely bolster his position as a cad and party boy.

The world rolled its collective eyes as he demanded a raise, and halted production on his show due to what appeared to be a mega ego run amock.  2 million?  Yeah, we all thought he would be lucky to ever work again (although, given Mel Gibson, that isn’t guaranteed anymore either).

Then today, this is what we see:

How unlikely can something be and still be possible?

That’s the impression we’re getting about the current reports that Charlie Sheen could get his job back on Two and a Half Men.

The story was launched by a Radar Online story and also NBC News reporter Jeff Rossen posting the following to Twitter: “Sources close to Charlie Sheen tell NBC News, CBS has offered him his job back. Discussions ongoing. Not a done deal.”

The first flag that goes up when one reads this is that it’s technically Warner Bros. who does the hiring and firing on Men, though the broadcast network is hardly a silent partner. (Indeed, Rossen later clarified that CBS wants Sheen back “IF Warner Bros., Chuck Lorre, and Sheen can settle [their] differences.”) The news also comes on the heels of reports that Sheen met with executives at Fox. It could be, some speculate, that Camp Sheen is engaged in a campaign to try and drive up the actor’s price in the marketplace.

CBS and Warner Bros. had no comment, but are also, very notably, not issuing denials. One line of thought goes like this: Sheen was fired. If the company wanted to keep him, they wouldn’t have let him get away the first place. His rants before and since being fired have scorched the earth with his former employer about as charcoal black as the soil can get. Plus, duh, he’s suing Men‘s creator and Warner Bros. So what’s really changed? That he’s sold a bunch of tickets at Radio City Music Hall? Big deal, so have the Rockettes.

On the other hand, as I wrote weeks ago, if the all parties could find a way to settle their differences, and Sheen could find a way to stay in control, this fall Men could have its biggest ratings ever.

This story has had more twists and turns than can be counted. And, hey baby, it’s Hollywood. So nobody wants to state anything definitive when it comes to the SheenGate, because any confident sense of the possible and the impossible took a gibbering holiday weeks ago.

What do you think, Sheen-obsessed/fatigued readers: Should Sheen receive a secondtenth another chance?


In an industry where it is said that there is not such thing as bad press, this is seeming to be very transparent.

3 Responses to “Charlie Sheen’s Antics Merely A Publicity Stunt?”

  1. Charlie Sheen is brilliant. This whole extravaganza is exactly who he is and he doesn’t care about expressing it. On the other side he is using his own crazy personality to create this over the top persona that is propelling him to the top of celebrity tabloid status.

    But all joking aside he really needs to cut down on the drugs. For his own health and for his children.

    • i agree. he looks horrible.

      about a year ago i saw a show about Paris Hilton. She was going about her daily business, and everything was behind the scenes. It turns out, she is brilliant, eloquent, and cunning. She manipulates her public image to achieve what she is trying to achieve. Her name is a product that she markets. And it seems that she is able to rebrand that product without changing hardly anything. She just manipulates the dialogue about whatever it is she is doing.

      After seeing how she has done this, I am very cynical. Even with Lohan….

      ….then again, it may just be a side effect of Hollywood. The “screw ups” are made into some kind of lovable yet crazy uncle.

  2. Charlie Sheen Meets With Fox Execs | Juicy Celeb Drama Unearthed Says:

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