Budget Deal Made

So, the folks that represent us in DC were finally able to get a budget deal cut.  In the nick of time.  Just under the wire.  Not a single moment to spare.  Even more dramatic, they had to wrangle and fight for each and every concession that was to be had.

Am I the only one not buying it?  I mean, I know I am cynical.  I try to account for my own cynicism when reading between the lines in Washington.  But all this wrangling was over trimming a scant $38.5 billion from the budget.  Basically, a month of operations in Iraq.  In a budget that runs into the trillions, this is pocket lint.

To put it into perspective, in 2010 the budget was $2.08 trillion.  We can expect something along those same lines, I would presume.  If not, then it would be no lower than about $1.2 trillion, as the balance accounts for our deficit.   So let say we are working off of a $1.75 trillion budget.  Shaving off $38.5 billion is approximately 2.2% of the overall budget.  This is the argument that threatened to shut down the government, and provided hours upon hours of faux fear on all MSM outlets.

Lets put that into perspective from a household budgetary standpoint.  In the part of the world I live and work in, a $2,000/month paycheck is one that will provide you with a solidly middle class lifestyle.  But let’s say that for some reason you had to start borrowing another $1,000/month to cover regular bills and stuff.  First, most people would presume you had a bad drug problem.  But beyond that, you would have to find a way to create budgetary balance in your finances.  Would a 2.2% ($44) reduction in monthly expense cover the fact that you not only do not live within your means, but are having to borrow 50% of what you create in revenue each month?

This doesn’t work for most people, and it is little surprising it has worked thus far for our nation.  Which brings me to my whole point here:  this shutdown was a fake.  There are currently two political parties that are scared out of their minds, and there are elections coming up.  This was staged to make it look like they were making the tough decisions and fighting for their constituents.  The reality?  They created fodder for the lame 24 hour news cycle while accomplishing nothing.  They bickered and threatened over 2.2% of the budget, as if that even comes close to the trillion we have to borrow to stay afloat.

Any employee that has ever worked for me that was this productive was fired ex post haste.

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