The Game

I love internet meme’s.  It is a very interesting psychology to ponder, and on a more shallow level allows for some humorous reading.  To make it more interesting, I believe that most people see the interest (psychologically speaking) in the internet meme’s, which indicates that the average person is at least aware of the interest of novel studies in psychology.

Regardless, “The Game” is one of those meme’s that I love.  To summarize it:

Though The Game is very simple, it can be difficult to comprehend initially. A new player usually has to lose The Game once or twice to fully understand it.

1) When you think of The Game, you lose The Game.
2) When you lose The Game, you announce it to those around you.

Those are the only two rules of The Game.

Game play
The first thing a new player needs to know is that when someone loses The Game (i.e. when someone thinks about The Game), game play temporarily stops for that person and for those around that person (since he must announce his game-loss aloud). The Game then restarts on a person-by-person basis when each person stops thinking about The Game. The Game never actually ends permanently.

No one wins!
No one can ever technically win The Game. It could be argued that when one is not losing The Game (i.e. when someone is not thinking about The Game), they are winning The Game, but it still holds true that no one can ever definitively win The Game.

You probably still don’t understand The Game and how to play, so consider the example below.

You have just learned the rules of The Game and how to play. Because you now know this, you are playing The Game, and will be playing The Game for the rest of your life. At this moment in time you are thinking about The Game, so you are losing The Game. Let’s say you leave this site, start doing something else, and The Game leaves your mind. But then you start thinking about this site again and therefore you start thinking about The Game… that’s a loss of The Game!

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what makes you think of The Game. Usually it is something completely random and unrelated to The Game that all of a sudden reminds you of The Game. This is what makes it so interesting and fun! If you have a game-loss story you’d like to share, do so in the stories section!

The bottom line
Any time you aren’t thinking about The Game and then start thinking about The Game, you lose The Game. It’s that simple.

Still have questions? Want to add something here? Contact me about it.

Enjoy The Game!


And so all over the internet there are stories that people put up of when they lost the game.  The ability to see how different minds associate similar content is fascinating.  And to study your own thought processes as you lose the game is even more so.

2 Responses to “The Game”

  1. A blog post on the game? That’s just wrong. But of course now that I have bumped this back up then you just lost the game. LOL

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