Your Own Personal American Revolution: 10 Things YOU Can Do Now, Really, To Start Change

This is taken from the ATS website, with the blessing of its author, “Pajoly”.

We all struggle with this topic. We are all disgusted with the status quo. Almost all will agree, no matter your political stripe, that our federal government has over stepped too many of it Constitutional boundaries. We ALL know that the big banks have fleeced us with the full complicity of the government. We ALL know corporations run the show.

Now ranting and wishing aside, let’s also acknowledge that almost none of us are going to take up arms, at least not any time soon. The vast majority (over 99.9%) will not choose violence, unless you or your family is in imminent anger. Some of you might be inclined and even take part in the political process (personally, I think the process is useless as it stands to foster any real positive result). So what can anyone really do? Here are few tangible things you can do STARTING TODAY that, if done with even a small percent of the population, can have significant results.

How does it work? Because it applies pressure, monetary pressure. This is the U.S., like it or not only money talks and only money rules, so you must make the big banks and corporations feel extreme monetary pain. So here is my top ten things you can do starting today to begin your own personal American Revolution.

1. Remove ALL your money from the big banks like Chase, Bank of America, etc. Put all your money into your local credit union as the first choice, a small local bank as a second choice. The big banks make mega billions by collecting fees from all us dolts. Credit unions are member-owned coops who must put all profits back into the service. Take the fees and interest away from the faceless mega banks. It is not hard. I did it in a few days back in 2009.

2. Stop using ATMs, stop using creidt cards. Again, it is all about taking away the interest and fees from the banks. Money is power; remove the money, you remove the power. If you say you need your credit cards to get by, that’s the surest proof you should do all you can to get rid of them because it means you are spending more than you make, making you an economic slave (even more than we are). The Fed gives our money to the banks at near no interest; those same banks essentially loan OUR money back to us at even 25% interest (credit cards). It is a sick scam.

3. Stop buying ANYTHING that is discretionary. EVERYTHING, unless you absolutely NEED it. Do you really need another pair of shoes? Probably not. If you do, check out the local thrift store. If you MUST really need a new pair, ONLY…EVER…buy a pair made in the USA, even if it cost 30% more. If you must buy anything, make sure you are penalizing offshore work and putting money into a USA person’s wages. This is hard for some, we’ve grown so accustomed to impulse buying that $19 dollar shirt or $12 pair of shorts at Target or Wal-Mart. But those are made in China or Indonesia or etc.. Reject those goods. Be clear, this is NOT about nationalism — it is about saving the American job. I’m a veteran, when the bullets fly, squads are not fighting for their country, they are fighting for their buddy next to them. Fight for your neighbor’s job. If you think this is hard, then try this, pick one day of the week, every week, where you buy NOTHING. Just make it a game. You WILL save money and you’ll stop feeding the beast.

4. Try to cancel some of your mobile phone service or even all. The big telecom companies are among the most aggregious violators of your privacy, though you may not know it. Not so many years ago we did not have these gadgets and lived quite well without them. If you need one for work, so be it. But does your 12 year old son or daughter really need it or are you just caving to peer pressure. If you are caving, then you are part of the consumerist problem, teaching your kids subliminally that their self-worth is tied up in their ability to match their peers’ material things.

5. Stop flying the not so friendly skies unless you must for work or some emergency. Aside from not feeding the Machine of Corporatism, the nice side benefit is you don’t have to interact so much with the TSA. You are cattle to an airline. You are a potential terrorist to the TSA (your government). Airlines will think nothing of holding you, without food or even water, for hours on the tarmac. Demand your dignity and demand service; don’t reward them with your money.

6. Stop tithing or donating to your church if it is engaged in ANY political activism. I know many won’t agree, but I believe a key problem in the U.S. is the politization of our worship. When politics combine with religion, all reason and rationality go out the door because the two are mutually exclusive. Religion is personal and spiritual. It is BY DEFINITION based on FAITH, whereas politics, the Constitution and civic issues belong in the realm of facts.

7. The next time you see someone on the side of the road with a flat, or a woman struggling to open a door, etc. then stop to HELP. Helping others, even in small ways is good for you, more for you than them. It also allows us to connect with each other just a little. This can help slowly to stop seeing enemies all around us, so we can focus on the real enemy — the giant companies.

8. If you can, buy your produce from the local farmer’s market. You will get healthier food and it puts money back in your local economy. Chances those grapes you just bought came from Chile. I happen to like Chile, but I’d rather buy things locally. That means we will go without things that are not in season, but so what, so did our parents or grandparents. For you greenies, it also is a big way to reduce your carbon footprint since it takes a lot of power to bring that Chilean grape from the slopes of the southern Andes to your mouth.

9. Pay attention to the political donations of the major companies from whom you buy from or whose products you use. If you find they are too deep in to politics (you be the judge), tell the local manager you are going to slow down or discontinue your patronage. I don’t care what party they support; donations from big business are a pox on our nation and the root of nearly all graft and favor granting.

10. Share these simple, doable, American-friendly steps with your family, friends and neighbors. Teach others that in America, real activism begins with the wallet and once the pain is felt, then you make clear your demands to those who seek or hold office.

If just 10% of America did these simple steps, we’d have a much different country in just a few short years, maybe even months as corporate titans are knocked, or at least wobbled, to their knees.

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The significance of what is being suggested here is that it is focusing on removing monetary power from the “corporate overlords” that seem to have our political system, throughout the “West”, in its grips.  Money is the lifeblood of the corrupting powers, and removing that lifeblood will choke off its influence.

I support this.  I bank at a major bank, mostly because of convenience.  But I will be moving to south Texas soon, and will set up shop at a credit union.  My wife banks at a local credit union already and I do appreciate the benefits of the way the business is operated.

In any event, I hope you enjoy and take this to heart.  We all know something is wrong.  We may not agree on exactly what is causing it, but corporate influence is a known issue.  Beyond that, supporting the employment of your neighbor is a benefit to you and them (your property values increase when their house isn’t sitting empty and foreclosed on).

Just think about it.

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