Tell ‘Em

Ladies and Gent(s) (not that many read this blog, haha), this gentleman has, in his past, accused others of racism.  He has also decried the racism he has suffered from.

This is one of America’s pop culture icons.  Behold him in his glory:

Not sure who he is?

Still don’t know who he is?  Consider yourself lucky, and I apologize for you having to hear what is quite possibly the worst that hip hop has to offer (and that is really saying something).

2 Responses to “Tell ‘Em”

  1. First off, don’t you think there’s more important things going on in the world then Soulja Boy responding to some computer geeks stalking his facebook page? You’re a member of ATS, so surely you’re aware of the mammoth amounts of hypocrisy and wrong-doing going on in the world today. And it must be very easy for you to condemn him for talking about how he has been the subject of racism in his life, as a fat furry white man in Texas. You don’t know what that’s like (neither do I, I’m white) but I have close friends who have, and your ignorance and agenda are both very clear for all to see.

    • My membership on ATS is just that. I use this blog for my own “thing”. To appease myself, and maybe the small circle of folks who care to hear what I have to say.

      Ignorance has nothing to do with calling out racism when I see it. Nor does it have much to do with a few LULZ at someone ranting about something miniscule and arcane. It is unfortunate that Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em cannot tolerate people viewing his Facebook. And that it made him go on a racist, curse filled rant. He showed his character. I am merely commenting from the peanut gallery. 🙂

      BTW, I am married to a woman of color here in West Texas. Perhaps everyone has had their own racism that they have had to deal with. If you would like your own presumptions put to rest, that is.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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