The Wizard Of Emerald City

I have recently joined a new forum (soon to be linked on the side).  It is formed by a friend from another forum, although he was recently banned (under debatable reasons/causes).  All of that aside, Thomas Henley (aka “Protoplasmic Traveller”) is a person with some very astute observations regarding the modern epoch of politics juxtaposed against each of the epochs that have spanned since Roman times.  I heartily recommend perusing his site, particularly portions related to “All Roads Lead To Rome” (to be linked later in this posting).

In any event, this posting is to present a VERY interesting piece posted there by Jean Paul Zodeaux:

The Powers That Be Never Fart

Always paternal The Powers That Be have become like some sort of mysterious dad who’s never home, and of whom you always hear much about – “just wait until your father gets home” – but rarely, if ever, see.  This mysterious Powers That Be is altogether awesome in his Oz like power, and remarkably buffoonish once the curtain is drawn and we look at the strange little man behind the curtain.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

Bellows the Great and Powerful Powers That Be, and we as his little children lower our eyes and pray he hasn’t decided our actions are misbehavior.  We love this paternal Powers That Be but are not really sure why.  Only sure that we are loathe to let go of him.  We need this absent father, and want to love him in spite of the fact that we vehemently resent him.

The Powers That Be may be a father, but they sure ain’t a dad.  The Powers That Be, as our absent father figure, parade about our imagination as if they were Caesar himself, dressed in all the glory of a Caesar in that funny skirt that Romans wore.  If TPTB were a dad, instead they would wear clothes that dads wear, and occasionally pop out of the shower and bathroom, dressed only in a towel wrapped around their waist, pound their fist on their chest and declare; “I am Spartacus!”

A mysterious and often absent father is the sort of authoritarian that rules with an iron fist.  A dad may be strict, but will be careful to balance such strictness with “pull my finger” stunts.  A dad may be embarrassing, and quite often, but lovable none the less.  A mysterious absent authoritarian father figure is not embarrassing nor is he lovable…he is simply a tyrant.

If that father figure is yours by blood, then a certain amount of tolerance, and for the first few decades of your life, even compliance is prudent.  If that father figure is not blood, but has accepted full legal responsibilities under adoption laws, the same applies – even if they never act as towel wearing, chest beating dads who occasionally invite you to pull their finger.

The so called Powers that Be, however, are neither a father nor a dad, and it is fairly predictable we will never see TPTB parading about in a towel beating their chest claiming to be Spartacus, occasionally inviting you to pull their finger.  Even if TPTB invited me to pull their finger, it is highly unlikely I would acquiesce to any paternal relationship with them.

So, when I read or hear people claim that this ever mysterious TPTB would never allow this or that, I think to myself; who cares?  Why empower a silly hologram that claims to be the Great and Powerful Oz of Emerald City?  Why not pull back the curtain and instead talk to the goofy little man from Kansas hiding behind the curtain?




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