Craigslist Sex Ad Hoax

So apparently our planet has one more really, really stupid person living on it that we were previously unaware of.  As if we really needed to increase the rolls in that category:

A woman has been accused of posing as her husband’s ex-wife in an attempt to humiliate her by arranging casual sex dates with strangers.

Natasha Larson pretended to be 40-year-old Tracy Wilder in a series of email exchanges with men after placing an advert on Craigslist, police say.

The mother-of-two was then bombarded with text messages, phone calls and even men calling at her home in Bradenton, Florida, looking for sex.


Why?  Why would you do something like this?

When questioned by police, she claims it was just a prank.  But she went so far as to set up a fake email account, and exchange emails with some of these men to add encouragement to their desire to meet.

I make no moral judgment about people who live highly promiscuous sex lives.  To each their own.  However, we cannot ignore how sensitive of a subject it is for many Americans, and how humiliating and precarious this can be.  The use of the term “random men” brings up visions of some very carnal and possibly violent scenarios.

When asked by The Today Show’s Ann Curry what she thought the punishment should be, the victim claimed that jail time would be appropriate.  I do believe I disagree with this.

There was no physical harm done.  Because of this alone, jail time is inappropriate.  However, that does not exonerate anyone of a crime here.  There are definitely civil penalties that should apply here.  The cost of time to prosecute and investigate this crime is one issue.

But the main issue is that this woman’s life has been compromised.   Her address has been made public, as well as her cell phone number.  It would seem that it would be most appropriate for the perpetrator and her husband to have to bear the financial burden of providing a solution, even if it is buying her a new home in a new neighborhood (obviously using monies gained from selling the current home to offset those costs).  As well, there is some money due for the distress caused, and parental visitation of the children shared in the former relationship definitely need to be reviewed.

One thing is for sure.  This woman ran a daycare from her home, answering those Craigslist emails fraudulently while attending to small children.  Whatever her state daycare licensure process is, she definitely needs to have hers reviewed to determine if she is fit to provide such care to other children.


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