Dirt Devil

A couple of weeks ago I had to run up to Lubbock to deal with some business.  On the way back, just to the north of where I live, I caught this video:

Around here, this is not at all uncommon.  Just a couple of days ago, as I was driving back from Odessa, I saw a field with 15 or 20 of them, each towering a couple thousand feet into the air.  But many of my readers (if they haven’t given up on my lack of new posts lately) are not familiar with these interesting phenomena.

2 Responses to “Dirt Devil”

  1. stormdancer1002002 Says:

    And what have you been up to, mister?

    • work work work. how about you?

      BTW, you might be interested in ProtoplasmicTraveller.net. 🙂 The link is in my links sidebar. Been spending some time there. Work is so busy that i just don’t have time to type out my thoughts. won’t always be that way…but for at least the next 6 months, maybe up to a year.

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