As Above, So Below

Today I was returning from Odessa, TX and conversing with my wife.  She had mentioned how, previously while in Midland, she had used the “Alpha Male” approach to driving to get out of a parking lot into a heavy traffic flow.  She then told me where it was at (exiting a busy shopping center onto a busy service road approaching the most congested intersection in town).  I point out that had she left the parking lot from the other street, where traffic was lighter, she would have had an easier go at it.  She remarked, “Yeah.  I realized that right as I pulled up to the parking lot exit.”

It suddenly occurred to me that, in essence, she was applying logic to find a faster way through a circuit.  The road is the circuit, the stop light is the switch, and she is the electrical impulse.  This metaphor fascinated me for just a moment as I toyed with it in my mind.  I am always fascinated by analogies, and delight in finding correlations in distant concepts.

Then it occurred to me again:  these are not distant concepts.  It is completely logical that, since man created both the road system as well as the electrical circuit, that there would be similarities.  They are both solving similar problems (transporting items from one location to the next in the quickest manner possible), and both solutions came from similar minds (human).  Even more, since humanity tends to build on prior work and knowledge, it would mean that the propensity for processing similarities in humanity would be further amplified.  For example, every computer OS in the world uses a little program called “Ping” (written by the late Mike Muuss).  No one bothered to even look at making their own, as there was already a free and robust version available.  Humanity tends to incorporate prior solutions for current problems.

This train of thought led me to consider how, in humanity, the edict of “As above, so below” holds true.  We design our macro systems, when designed logically (without desire for needless gain) similarly to our micro systems.  And it occurred to me once again that the mystical phrase “As above, so below” is not mystical at all.  As a matter of fact, it is an obvious truth  Kind of like, “No shit Sherlock”.

Whatever “mind” created the universe created several interlaced systems, each supporting and living alongside the other.  This means that each of these systems most likely follow the same rules.  This would imply that the fractal design seen in the physical realm would have an analogy in the mental or behavioral realm.  Especially the behavioral realm, where behaviors tend to be controlled via biological electrochemical processes (meaning your behavior is at the whims of the fractal designs of nature, or the atom in this case, and the way these molecules fit into receptors).

In this contemplation, I had found a support for my position that all can be known with enough meditation, and enough ability to apply reason and logic.  Knowing that “as above, so below” is a fundamental effect of the foundational laws of reality makes understanding this reality far, far more achievable.

Regardless, just a little light bulb that popped into my head while driving this morning.


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