The Corporate States Of America?

I ran across this quote several months ago, as a signature used by a member of ATS.  I have read it quite a few times, and kind of marveled at how true it is.

“I pledge allegiance to the logo of the Corporate States of America and to the plutocracy for which it stands one nation under surveillance incorporated with literal injustice for oil.” Francis Bellamy 1892

This morning, I actually took the time to look at the person who penned it, and the date.  I had always seen the “1892” and “1982” with my quick glance.  Realizing that it is actually from the 1800’s brings a whole new light to how brilliant this quote is.

4 Responses to “The Corporate States Of America?”

  1. I just did a google search because I seen that this quote was supposedly from the 1890’s. Like you this intrigued me. Is this accurate? Was this really said in 1892?

    • Actually, no. Francis Bellamy wrote the original Pledge.

      The one mentioned above, as it turns out, was penned by Wiley Miller, the writer of the Non-Sequitur comic strip.

      Thanks for that. Now we both know the facts, huh?

  2. MyMindIsMyOwn Says:

    Hiya Bigfatfurrytexan…oddly enough while trying to research this quote, my Google search led me here. I’ve seen you around ATS and always enjoy what you have to say, thank you for your frank and open comments and discussion. Just wanted to give you some more info on the fellow ATSers signature from Non Sequitur. It originally appeared on 1/24/05 and has been somewhat altered through the years. Here is the original quote from the comic:

    “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the
    Corporate States of America and to the
    Republicans for which it stands, one nation,
    under debt, easily divisible, with liberty
    and justice for oil.”
    – Wiley Miller, Non Sequitur, 1/24/05″

    Enjoy and I hope to see you around the ATS forums… (ATS: MyMindIsMyOwn)

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